Father Jesus Holy Spirit Be Glorified.

This is just a question for anyone who may have a answer or opinion .  is it selfish to see All things as Gifts from God to show His love for us. i’m torn between living in a bubble of love or complaining.  Stark contrast hu?  Part of me goes from seeing nothing but Beauty in the flowering trees outside our window, to the kindness of strangers, to music song so Beautifully that the tears flow from the Utter Gift given us all.

the complaining comes in not accepting the one given me to share it with.  see i long to share this view with someone special.  Then i see, i share it with the Most Special of them all Jesus.  He is the Supplier of All of it.  Is this the flesh we are against as well?  Wanting someone physical to share it with verses going without and enjoying the Gift of His company alone.  Which is one of my Favorite things, will not give that up for all the physical in all the world.  Just after time With God it just seems since He comes in the body collectively why wouldn’t i want to share that.  just babbling

Be Blessed with All the Fullness of Jesus Love Joy and Peace.  There is no Better place  Thank You Jesus we do live in heaven.


One thought on “Questions

  1. I know it’s long in coming, but I myself have been without a computer for a couple of months and just got a new one and am visiting the sites I love to follow and catching up with my brothers and sisters!
    I have a comment/opinion on your “Questions” that I have gleaned from a blessed relationship based in the Lord with my wife for over 43 years and going strong. I believe, and this comes just in response to your post, that as the Father created us to have a relationship with Him through Christ Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit (remember, they ARE ONE) AND since He created with Unconditional Love, Eve for Adam (and ultimately, vice-versa) that His desire is that we each have a relationship with someone else that will develop (in the Lord) into a oneness with each other! We were not meant to be alone (though there ARE exceptions in the Bible) but were meant to share earthly burdens AND spiritual ministries and gifts with another who also calls our Redeemer Lord!
    When I was a young man and asked the Lord to bless me with a mate, a soul-mate (literally) He took me at my word and even though this flesh still had to learn and grow and surrender, I have a help-mate today who knows my (almost) every thought, and Loves the Lord as much (if not more) than I do. She is not just one with me in the natural, but emotionally, mentally and above all, spiritually! Her callings and gifts compliment mine and mine hers. We are joint warriors for the faith, persevering teachers of truth and strive with all we are to share and spread unconditional love! That is the power of relationship and oneness and if it wasn’t for the blessing I have, I wouldn’t comprehend the oneness with the Lord nearly as much!!
    I am praying for all those on my Blogs Followed list so, you have my prayers and I pray with your that our Holy Spirit will enlighten your heart to the one that you are meant to share your life in Christ with! God bless you abundantly and I hope to see your writing again even if just now and then!

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