Thanking Him in the problems.

It’s raining out, and i’m reading Psalms. This Is God’s provision for the leek that was found last night. He tells me put pots outside to collect the water. Seeing how i am doing my reading and not going to parts store till it lets up alittle or he provides means of transport.

i saw a sign recently that said pray for rain. i do not believe this is the kind it was referring to. Though i shall pray Every drop unity of humility and love purity and obedience, love joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control, Very drop your Spirit poured out on us all God.

As i was reading Step 6 commentary on healing the brokenness- i felt a conformation that my sin is not what i am or am not doing. It is in the not trusting, or having faith in Gods Goodness and deliverance. This is the true brokenness. Having the world get us to a place where we forget just how Good God is, how many times He has saved us. How can God be Glorified when in our times of troubles, or attacks from the enemy, we doubt His Strength, provision, protection, and Mercy? This above all i believe saddens Him. Is the true sin, above all sin’s. As Jesus our Savior said “Believe” believe what?, that God is Good Able and willing! This is why it is Written in Psalm 50 “ i want your thanksgiving. I want you to TRUST ME in your times of trouble, so i can rescue you, and you can give me Glory. How can God be Glorified if we do not trust Him to help us in our times of trouble? How can He be made to show forth His Love, Kindness and mercy if we do not trust Him to do so or have any problems?   This is why things tend to go south for me when i doubt His Goodness and Provision. This is why it is Written in Psalm 52:9 O Lord i will praise you forever and ever for your punishment and i will wait for your Mercies’ for everyone knows how Merciful you are. He is allowing things to go south per-say as a form of punishment (correction) for our (my) not trusting Him to deliver us. So i am clear here i am not saying he is a sadist, i am saying He is Merciful to give us yet another opportunity to Trust Him, Praise Him for His help and Provision. Another opportunity to be saved and Glorify Him. i hear Jesus saying call things as if they were. Another words Thank Him for the provision and solution to the problem, knowing He will deliver you. It is in the trusting Him alone. Than when we are delivered He Alone gets All Glory- not our strength, our work, this person or that one, He Alone. For He is our strength, help in times of trouble, our refuge, our safe place, our provider. Jehovah Jirah!

So we ( i am) not to mourn over our (my) circumstances, or look at how hard we (i am) trying to do good. For this is not what Pleases God. What pleases God is us remembering all the times we were saved by Him. And Thanking Him for those times. Praising and Trusting Him to do it again. It is the times we do not trust in Him that is where the true sin lies. A broken and contrite heart he will not ignore. Broken realizing there is NOTHING we or anyone, can do and contrite- repenting for not rusting Him and giving Him the Glory and Praise He deserves. All Honor All Glory Are His Now and Forever Amen!

Funny completely cloudy and raining out yet the whole earth just got brighter outside. Father God i ask that you etch these lessons into our hearts. That somehow i get to the place of Jesus Christ in Trusting You Always. This i think is the completeness and fullness of Christ You above all long for from us. Forgive me when i doubt, when i look at my circumstances and not You. When i forget the Countless times You Saved and delivered me from all harm. God Thank You for talking with me giving me ears to hear that still small voice of Yours reveal Your Holy Word to me. How i miss our time in the garden working and learning from you. Restore to me that place of safety. Where everything i heard and saw was You Drawing me ever closer to Your heart. i know it is not You who pulled away but me. Thank You that though i may feel forsaken at times You have Never left me. Thank you for giving me the opportunities to grow in faith that You will Always provide a way. If i may say Thank you for believing in me to handle the lessons, You keep instilling into my heart. With all that i am may my life be a pleasing and acceptable sacrifice in Your sight, o My God!

Thank you also that the rain has stopped which is Your way of saying time to fix the leek in bathroom marie. Oh how You Delight my heart with Your Wonderful ways..   Truly Isaiah must have enjoyed the learning of 55:8-11 Your ways are not our ways Your thoughts are not our thoughts as the rain and snow come down to give water to the seed and bread to the farmer so too are my Words Never shall they return void for I send them out and they shall reap a Harvest!   Bless Your Holy Name Jehovah and our Savior Jesus