The Cost of doing unto the Lord

i had an awesome day. But i can’t tell you about it. Why? Because God is teaching me to work unto Him. What He sees in private He will reward in private.
My flesh wants to scream from the mountain tops all that i saw/did today.

God started this lesson with my husband. God said “Are you seeking his approval or Mine? If he doesn’t acknowledge what you do, is it enough that you did unto Me?………which is leading me to work unto the Lord in all things. Thank You Father.

As i said the flesh wants to proclaim what God did through me today.
God says “no. not time yet. You are looking for mans approval still, not seeing that all was done for My Purpose and My Purpose Alone. It was unto me —– that you experienced these things. I was blessing you, Encouraging you. Teaching you to Trust My Ways, You are learning When and When Not to Share……..Remember you asked Me, to teach you that? Remember you asked, to learn Humility? When No fingers are pointing to you, and no one knows what I did through you, are you still willing to do as I ask”?

So there it is. The cost of doing unto the Lord.
Father may i do all things unto you. Never seeking any credit/acknowledgement. Only that You God Alone be Glorified.
May i never bring shame to Your Holy Name.


God’s Day

Let me start with my mind is racing with so much Good news. i need to start off with this.
Father Forgive my sins, Teach me Your ways, make me willing to Obey You. Be Glorified through these words i type (You type)

If you walked past our house 10 mins ago you would have seen me pulling weeds, possible heard me audibly talking with God.

While i was down pulling weeds i thought. If i told my roommate i pulled weeds today he would see the evidence of that in the yard. If i told my roommate God did it. He wouldn’t believe that God Himself came down to earth to weed our yard.
Yet here i am trying to tell you that God did come down to earth in Spirit Form and weed our garden.

Why do we believe man infinite man does anything? Man found cure, man went to moon…. yet if we give God ALL THE CREDIT we aren’t believed.
it is written God wants our thanksgiving. Isn’t it God that gives us breathe to breathe, Minds to create, Hands to build.
So yes is what i say. God did weed our garden, IT IS WRITTEN WE ARE TO BE HIS HANDS AND FEET.

We Christians will give God (HOLY SPIRIT) the credit for when we do missionary work , give a prophetic word…why aren’t more of us giving GOD ALL THE CREDIT?

Father, forgive me for all the millions upon millions of times i took the credit. Father show me Your Wonder. That it is You God Alone that does All things, Creates All Things. Lead me JESUS on to the path of Obedience. Jesus STRENGTHEN me.
It is written JESUS LEARNED OBEDIENCE THROUGH HIS SUFFERING. Father may i run the Good race preserving to the end and seek to win for Your Glory ALONE

All things through Christ that strengthen me

Well God showed up as asked.  a 113lb girl and 5’2″ 150+- lb guy loaded a box truck full of pictures and books in less than an hour.  There is no way God can not get ALL THE CREDIT.

FATHER  i ask that i do not bring Shame to Your Holy Name.  i ask that You lead my husband and i into total obedience to You.  i Thank You and Praise You for such a wonderful day.  i feel you convicting me and ask that…….You know my heart.  Father may i show Jesus in all i do and say.   Jesus may i have Your Total Obedient Heart to do  the Fathers Will. 

Hebrews 4:8-13

8. Now if Joshua had succeeded in giving them rest, God would not have Spoken about another day of Rest Still to Come.

9.  So there is a special rest  Still waiting for the People of God

10. For all who have entered into God’s rest have rested from their labors’ just as God did after Creating the World 

11. So let us do our best to ENTER THAT REST.  But if we disobey God.  as the people of Israel did, we will fall.

12. For the Word of God is Alive and Powerful.  It is Sharper than the Two-Edged Sword, Cutting between soul and Spirit, between joint and marrow.  It EXPOSES OUR INNERMOST THOUHGHTS AND DESIRES.

13.  Nothing in all creation is hidden from God.  Everything is naked and exposed before His Eyes, and He is the ONE to whom WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE.

Father may all who read enter Your REST

What shall i do Lord

Today has been funny. i have felt like i am doing nothing. Then i decide to just except it will be a lazy day and go outside. All the while asking God to lead in what to do next.
Well He showed me His provision before i ever got to sit down. (refer to last post)
Then when i sat down the phone rang. It was my old boss. She was calling to give me a number for a possible refund on our cruise next week. Thank You Father for this gift of vacation, that we can for fill a life long wish of my mother, to go on a cruise.
Well the conversation with boss turned out to be pleasing in God’s sight. That is my goal in life you know. We went from passing info to Praising God, Declaring His Goodness, Protection in motorcycle accident, and His provision for all things. We also Declared His written Word.
God says “see I will use you if you rest in me. Why do you think you have to do x, y,and z. Follow Me I will lead you in the path you should go. Didn’t I prove yesterday how much I can get done through your resting in Me”?
God clearly is trying to break the Performance Orientation in me. The “i have to work to be acceptable in God’s Eyes mind set”.
Nowhere in His Word does it say i must work or can earn His favor. It says Faith produces works, Fruit/good works are of the Spirit.
God is leading me in Hebrews Bible study. Be Blessed

God will supply all my needs

Praise report. i am going into the shed for a three-way plug. So that i may plug-in laptop, and iPad. i have the water mister going. And God points out I will supply all your needs. He wasn’t joking. Umbrella for shade, mister for coolness, iPad for Bible, and assurance i’m in His will by phone call i just had.
Father if You supplied all these things that are non necessities then surly You will provide House, bills paid, etc.
Father may all who read know of Your promise of Provision.

God testing my heart

i just typed 500 plus words in my last post. About how i want my heart to be. Pure and clean. Post was posted and only the title posted. i searched frantically for it. i tried resting in God to find it. Then it came. God knows all i typed. He is seeing if i really meant it. See you only lose that which God doesn’t want found. Maybe the post was just for me? God will get it out in His time. i hold on to things to tightly.
When i was on my honeymoon. i went snorkeling for the first time. Picture it God telling me for the first time i could hear Him, saying see how much I love you. Picture crossing water by sail boat from St Thomas to St John. Beautiful blue water and mountains. God says “see how much I love you”.
Sorry i digressed there. i was snorkeling and the fish were beautiful colors. All i wanted to do was touch one, hold one. i tried and tried and then God said “Why must you hold them?, they’re not yours, you don’t have to posses everything you see.” So i stopped trying to catch one and enjoyed all i saw instead of struggling to catch one.
Losing a blog, garden, ring, you name it. It all boils down to holding on too tightly. We did not create the universe. What makes us think we can hold on to anything for a life time, or ever for that fact.
God showed me this lesson when my apartment got flooded. i have no clue why the Spirit was there but i was so calm. i now know that it was the Holy Spirit. That not only had me, not freak out that all was ruined, but the Holy Spirit that told me. “We are not to hold on to things of this world, if we place to much value in them, they will be taken away. God will have no god’s before Him”. How do i know it was the Holy Spirit. Because i came home and all my belongings were under water. i had just moved in and wasn’t unpacked yet. So all my things were on the floor. Flood came from upstairs apartment and settled on my floor. Me i would of freaked out, yelled, been pissed off, drama,drama the world is coming to an end, i lost my things. Looking back now i am so blessed i did not waste energy mourning my stuff. That’s the problem, i’m still learning the lesson.
i get upset with roommate when all of this or that is eaten, when he leaves lights on, i lose something, someone is charging too much. It’s all stuff. It’s not mine, it’s on loan, even the money to buy the stuff. So lost post or not God will never leave me nor forsake me. so all is well in life. May all who read find comfort in their loses.