Be still and know that I am God

Why do you think we have to be doing all the time?  How can we expect to hear if we are concentrating on our doing?  If Jesus Himself spent more time alone, quiet, before His Father, then He did in doing miracles.  Then why do we think we can be holy apart from resting in our Father?  Why do we ask for signs and wonders without first going to the Father as Christ did?

The more time i spend alone with God the more i realize He is the source of all i do.  i am coming to see that in the doing we get the credit.  We say i did this and that, me me me is the focus.  In resting we get no credit.  We are just what God created us for, fellowship with Himself.  No pomp just rest.  Maybe this is why i am finding people have such a hard time just resting in The Lord .  No focus is on them.   Funny thing is i find i get more done and with peace in my heart when i first seek and rest in God.

Abba Father give us hearts of rest.  May we only desire to seek You O Lord.

Father break me, empty all of me out.  Fill me with only that which is You Lord.  Place Your yoke alone upon my neck.

Isaiah 55:9-11. Matthew 24:35


Jesus Revealed to me

Father i can never understand Your Ways, though i delight in them.
i have not posted in quite awhile. God has taken me to the secret place. Today while asking for desire to do some reading. He some how lead me to come here. Thank You Father the iPad WordPress is back to normal. One of the reasons i stopped posting was problems on my page. So with all that babbling said May i Glorify You Lord.
Last year was amazing i meet Jesus for what i would call the first time. i came to learn that when you seek the Father He will Always lead you to Jesus. So God then put in my heart this prayer. Jesus i seek to follow You, i need to know Who You are first. Reveal Yourself to me.
As you know God is Faithful and He did as i asked. Pouring out one revelation after another.
This may seem elementary to believers but i rejoice in my ignorance. Here goes a simple fact i just had revealed to me. If God were to come down to earth and take man form He would act/respond,and be like Jesus. Duh you may say, for i too have read this 100’s of times myself. Yet when Jesus revealed it this week to me it sunk so deep in my heart. Jesus in essence was telling me “I will always show you The Father”. ” To know Me is to know Him.” Brilliant as Graham Cook says.
If i may speak for the majority? i think we view God as the one to give punishment and Jesus the one to love and comfort us. They are one in the same not to be separated. We can not understand Gods wrath anymore then we can understand His love. i am learning to take comfort in this. For if we could understand He wouldn’t be God!
The Holy Spirit is what plants these truths into our hearts. For only the Spirit of God can know God. It is written!
Abba Thank You for Your Word that brings Life. May All You have called be renewed in The Spirit. Isaiah 55:9-11 Matthew 24:35