Service unto God or self

God be Glorified.

We are all called to ministry.  The ministry of love, kindness, and compassion for our fellow man.

Before i start i have to say Thank You Jesus for this lovely Memorial day, for the men and woman and families that sacrifice their lives daily so that we may have the joy of resting in freedom.

These past couple of months have been the most interesting of all.  God is taking me on a journey from self to others.   As He has been doing this i am learning what it is like for leaders in the church.  You start by hearing the call. How, by Resting in His Word. Getting to know the Creator and His ways.  Then you see all that needs done and think to yourself i have to do something.  You go and do something, and do some more and do some more. Till your warn out and begging God for a day off.  We forget about the Rest. That it was in the Rest, that we could even see beyond ourselves and our needs.    i’m learning that if i rest in Him, He will direct my paths.  For even in the doing He has shown me not all i do He asked of me.

See i’ve been Blessed with a restored relationship with my mom.  So there is one person right there in whom i can minister Love , Kindness and Compassion too.  Seeking to understand her and her needs. As well as others The Lord has placed in my path.  In my zeal to help, and no longer be selfish and self centered, i for got that it is better to love fully then to do, just for the sake of doing.  Even if you are truly doing for others with good intentions.

i’m learning that the Whole body working together gets far more accomplished then just one person working alone.  That if i seek The Lord to serve those He has given me then my time will be filled with them and i don’t need to look in EVERY CORNER to find where i can help.  Isn’t it the ones closest to us that need us the most?

In His Mercy God gives us reprieves.  Oh Thank You Father.  It is in these reprieves that He tells me, ” listen it’s not your job to help every human being on the plant.   It is your job to Love ME, and those i have given you.  It’s not you doing any of it anyway.  It’s ME Working through you.”

Father may our lives be pleasing to you, may all we do, we do in Love for the Glory  of Jesus Name and The Exalting of Your Kingdom.



Father Jesus Holy Spirit Be Glorified.

This is just a question for anyone who may have a answer or opinion .  is it selfish to see All things as Gifts from God to show His love for us. i’m torn between living in a bubble of love or complaining.  Stark contrast hu?  Part of me goes from seeing nothing but Beauty in the flowering trees outside our window, to the kindness of strangers, to music song so Beautifully that the tears flow from the Utter Gift given us all.

the complaining comes in not accepting the one given me to share it with.  see i long to share this view with someone special.  Then i see, i share it with the Most Special of them all Jesus.  He is the Supplier of All of it.  Is this the flesh we are against as well?  Wanting someone physical to share it with verses going without and enjoying the Gift of His company alone.  Which is one of my Favorite things, will not give that up for all the physical in all the world.  Just after time With God it just seems since He comes in the body collectively why wouldn’t i want to share that.  just babbling

Be Blessed with All the Fullness of Jesus Love Joy and Peace.  There is no Better place  Thank You Jesus we do live in heaven.

Moon lite nite with Our Father

funny how i am learning i can do nothing apart from Christ who strengthens me. For i am seeing daily that Only He can pull it off. So to not get focused on all it takes to get threw the day.  i shall focus on All He gives me.  like this moon lite nite. trees so beautiful its like a bouquet from heaven,  walks, energy for walks, and Most of all Forgiveness. i need Lots of that!  He even gives me courage to trust that Love is all we need. That Love Paid the Price Finished it.  if i didn’t really believe  this then i think none of us would be here. For out of Love we were formed. .

miss blogging Thanks whoever is  out there.  it’s nice to share my journey with God and Jesus and The Holy Spirit with someone.  so many questions, thoughts.

May God be Glorified in All the earth.  may I/ we all hear ” well done good and faithful servant”

Isaiah 55:11