Moon lite nite with Our Father

funny how i am learning i can do nothing apart from Christ who strengthens me. For i am seeing daily that Only He can pull it off. So to not get focused on all it takes to get threw the day.  i shall focus on All He gives me.  like this moon lite nite. trees so beautiful its like a bouquet from heaven,  walks, energy for walks, and Most of all Forgiveness. i need Lots of that!  He even gives me courage to trust that Love is all we need. That Love Paid the Price Finished it.  if i didn’t really believe  this then i think none of us would be here. For out of Love we were formed. .

miss blogging Thanks whoever is  out there.  it’s nice to share my journey with God and Jesus and The Holy Spirit with someone.  so many questions, thoughts.

May God be Glorified in All the earth.  may I/ we all hear ” well done good and faithful servant”

Isaiah 55:11


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