Another cat lesson


i was inside feeling very discontent.  i felt a post coming and grabed my stuff to enjoy the nice weather and write a letter to God. Telling Him how unhappy i am when i don’t wear His Yoke around my neck. Life becomes overwhelming and i feel so ??? As i have my hands full and proceed to my normal sitting spot i am stopped dead in my tracks by a baby Robin perched on a bucket behind where i sit. Is God good or what! i was gonna leave the I phone in-house to charge but Holy Spirit said bring it outside. So i got the picture. If that doesn’t make you think God loves me? Then maybe this will. My Girl bird catcher is right behind me. She is eating fresh grown catnip. (another Blessing from God came with the yard) i look at her and think don’t go near that bird. She walks to me stops, looks at the bird, then walks past me and sits 2 feet from bird just doin her thing. (she is under the table) i am amazed at this. Seeing God’s Blessings in it all… The I will not let the cat attack. I will show you harmony. I will Bless you. If you seek Me you will find Me.
Well i gotta get this out. i call friend first no answer. Then hubby picks up. With all the bad news i gave him today. It was nice to have a Blessing for him. i share the story and God speaks through my husband with words of  Wisdom. “don’t let things get you excited. Just cause it is there (see it) doesn’t mean you have to get excited. Just like patches saw the bird and didn’t get excited. Just cause she saw the bird doesn’t mean she had to do something about it. she rested”
God is now using Patches to share Himself with my husband. This cat of mine has been used by God more times than i can count. To show me Rest in God. As you love the cat I love you More, as you want to protect the cat I want More for you. on and on the list goes. True heartfelt life lessons on who God is for me.
So here i am what can i say…hum just had revealed the story in the bible where God used a donkey to speak to a guy. We read it as the donkey verbally spoke to man. maybe he did. But Patches didn’t have to say a word and God CLEARLY SPOKE THROUGH HER TO ME.
Father there was a time i never even thought where’s God? Went day after day year after year without any seeking of You in things. Now Thank You Father for answering my prayer ” may i see Your Light, be filled with Your Light, grow towards Your Light”. Father You have become like a drug to me. i am very aware when i am not yoked with You. i take on things that are not mine. i try to control that which i have no control. As you pointed out in N.Y i have no Peace. Father i want Your Peace. i want to totally trust You for All Things. Seek Your Guidance, Discipline,and Ways. i do not want to compartmentalized You. i want the words we sing every Sunday to be on my lips and in my heart at All Times. i do not like me apart from You. i get nasty when not at ease, judgmental, controlling, anxious, worry-some. Father as i have asked before take All of me. i want no say in the matter. i know that i know that i know Your way is the gentil, Peaceful way



Psalm 53:2 tells us ” God looks down from heaven, searching among all mankind to see if there is a single one who does right and really seeks after God.  But all have turned their backs on Him; they are filthy with sin-corrupt and rotten through and through.   Verse 6 says “Only when the Lord Himself restores them can they ever be really happy again”

Why on Gods green earth do we seek from man what Only God can give.  Mans theology, man’s provision,  mans approval?……….

Only God Restores, Provides,  gives happiness, convicts, teaches, leads us in the way we should go…….

Father i Thank You for those that have gone before me.  i ask that only Your approval and acceptance matter to me.  i ask that i not take mans word for it but always seek Your view First and Last.  May i never ask for a king, knowing You are the KING OF KINGS

Isaiah 55:10-11

Do you really think He wants that???

This will be short and sweet.  Last night i was up watching  a news show that aired a segment on a church in the Midwest that has every kind of picket sign man can make.  The name of the church was god hates America, really i am not lying.  Notice i didn’t Capitalize god in the title?   Why because they do not follow the True God.  God does not preach hate!

Well everyday these people and their children stand on some corner (before school) and hold signs saying  god hates fags.  Really????  i don’t know about you but, i think God is cringing on His throne that His children are preaching hate in His Name.  Did God hate us into repentance or Bless us?  Wouldn’t God be more pleased with us loving others?  Isn’t that what Jesus taught?  Listen i can’t throw any stones last time i checked i was a sinner.   Why can’t we go to God about our own sins, verses looking at others?

Father i thank You for loving me through this week.   i Thank You that You do not ask us to Judge but to Love.  i Thank You for not Judging me but LOVING ME.  Father i ask that You make me blind to others sin.  That i only show love not condemnation to your Children.  Father Thank You for the warnings  in Scripture.  That they are for us to learn from not condemn with.

he who is without sin cast the first stone…..Our Savior said.

Sorry maybe this post won’t be short.  Ok read the Bible.  It says lying is an abomination to God.  Why aren’t we condemning all who lie???  i read the Bible and was in shock of how many things are an abomination to God.  i was guilty of them all.   So why do we pick on homosexuality as the only one???

Isaiah 55:10-11

romans 5

just re-reading some old ones to learn again

my God's Grace

if you read or listen to Romans 5 and on, you will clearly see the justice of God.  Jesus was so right that your hometown will not receive you. why do we see and do miracles in other countries?

if we are filled with the Holy Spirit where Do we preach/teach under rules and regulation?  we are so bound.  i could step out and go to the market place or city center. Would they listen there or would i be arrested for proclaiming the gospel of Christ Jesus? God i want to do your work, should i go to the town square OR follow protocol and wait my turn of authority?  Aren’t we given all authority.  So long as with a humble heart to serve You, we have all authority. We don’t want to offend elders (of church) either. so many dynamics.  i am to remain in Him!  As i…

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How it applies today.

i asked Jesus to reveal Himself to me.  For i feel i know so little about my Savior.

He took me to the New Testament.  He then would put Scripture in my mind when things would happen to me.   Like my mom would ask for something,  i normally would judge her.  Now i see if someone asks for something give it to them.  Not say to yourself she don’t need that, she wants everything see she’s.   No, just give it.

Or love those that hate you.  When my hubby does something i deem hateful, i am not to say forget that he can make his own dinner.  No, i am to ask God to Bless this meal, make it Nourishment to his soul.  Wow never did that.  Always just made the meal and Thanked God for not being hateful back.  Thank You God for that idea.

The guy that cuts you off.  Jesus would say Pray they are safe.

Or the book i lent to someone i will never see again.  Jesus says it wasn’t yours it came from me.  Now I want them to have it.  Better to give than receive.

When someone i am not overly fond of comes my way.  i usually would avoid them, or make conversation short.  Jesus says “love them, Greet them as if they are your best friend.  Make them to feel loved.  Listen to what they need and then pray for it”.

The money my husband lent never to see back again.  Wow i remember that one.  Jesus took me to Luke 6:34, and the verse where the king forgave the million$ debt, only to have that guy not forgive a $2 debt.   Jesus then  said to me “it wasn’t your money, how much do you owe people”?  That stung at first, but then i realized there are people who i not only owe money to, but so much more.

The jacket you’re wearing when it is chilly out.  You really need it but, someone says to you i’m cold.  Jesus had me see “i had that to give, make your requests known (they are)”.   Would i give it and be cold myself?

See human wisdom can not understand Scripture.  We think because since we know how to read and write we can understand.  God’s Word says that is not the case.  God has to reveal to you that which He says.   Heck we can’t even understand each other sometimes.

We don’t live in Roman times, or know that which Egypt did to its slaves.  We can know how that speaks to our current situation though.   Only When God shows it to us.    God is past, present, and future.  So is His word.       To look at Scripture thinking it only applied to those times is foolishness.  i only know this because God revealed it to me.  Before i would read Bible and think what are they talking about?  How did the Wise men know where the star was?  How could Abraham get his son on that altar?  Do i really give them the other check?   So on and so forth.  Now i see God  told the wise men where to go.   Abraham knew this life is temporal and God would give More than he was sacrificing.  The other check you give is when they insult you, you be kind right back, knowing they may insult you again.   Phil 2:14   You complain about nothing, because you know that EVERYTHING YOU NEED  will be given you.

This is my relationship with God and now Jesus.  i have had  it revealed to me that, me being able to see and hear all this is the  HOLY SPIRIT.  That which Jesus promised the Father would give us upon His departure.  So as i grow in All of God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) my eyes open wider and life becomes easier.

i do believe that since we do not live in a world where Scripture is spoken in everyday life.  It is IMPARITIVE THAT you read IT ( The Holy Bible).  Not only is it LIFE ABUNDANTLY, but it is the only way to know GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT.    We ask to live in heaven for all eternity, yet we do not seek to know Whom we will be spending it with.  Who Created it.

Father You AMAZE ME!   You gave me a blog to talk all i want and yet You use it to teach me More of You.  AWESOME i TELL YOU AWESOME.  Thank You God and Jesus for answering my prayer may i know You more.  May  i ask that You reveal why i smoke and make me stop all together?

My heart truly can not understand how you use my sin to Glorify Your Holy Name??????????? Father is this self-deception??????????

Love Your Enemies

if i may i will follow up this blog with my own experience of it.

Proverbs Way


But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either.

Give to everyone who asks of you, and whoever takes away what is yours, do not demand it back.

Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.

If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. If you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. If you lend to those from whom you expect to receive, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners in order to receive back the same amount.

But love your…

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Summer Nights

isn’t it nice in the summer?  Nice weather, the stillness of night.

Oh how i long for them in winter.  My heart leaps at first sign of spring.

This summer is taking on a whole new meaning for me though.

i can remember summers of jumping off the roof at midnight to go hang out with friends.  Long walks through the neighborhood.   i even remember whole summers of depression on the couch.

This year it is writing blogs.   Staying outside till the Lord calls me in.

When i look at it that way, it makes me wonder what i will be doing summers from now?

i always wanted to do missionary work.  That happened without ever believing it would.  i wanted to skydive.  That too was an impossible request in my eyes.  So was going to the Caribbean.

So where will i be.   Where do i want to be?

My flesh wants to be in Florida listening to waves crash, watching my cats play on beach.  My Spirit wants to be doing something Great for God’s Kingdom,  Preferably in Africa.

Father i pray i look back at this summer not with remorse but with Joy in my heart.  Knowing i spent it mostly with You.  Praying that it somehow gives Glory to You and furthers Your Kingdom.