Graham Cooke

would love to take credit for the writing that is to follow but Graham Cooke said it all. (excerpt)

We learn the disciplines of the Spirit, through the circumstances of life.  Every situation tells us something about God and ourselves.  Your current situation is telling you something about who you are.  particularly What God wants to be for you right now.  We become the people of the Spirit when we discover the Nature of God in the situation we find ourselves.  What if every circumstance was  primary about you  discovering who God is for you.

There is a process.  God loves to take us step by step from who we are to what He wants us to be.  God is past, present, and future.  He sees who you are, and who you will become.  There is process that will totally engage us  in a faith filled encounter with God that will overcome the enemy and bring us to a larger place in the Spirit…..When you get into traumatic circumstances.   People need a place for their anger.  They either become passive or aggressive.  Passivity stops you from doing something constructive,  or their aggression focuses power on the wrong things.  When you get into adverse circumstances you can not afford to eyeball  the circumstances unto you have a good look at God.   Worship is never a casual thing.  Thanksgiving is never  casual.  It’s intentional, it’s purposeful.   It’s not Lord i Thank You for what’s happening…we are not Christian masochist..  We are not Thanking You because my  house has burned down, and my wife and kids were kidnapped.  i’m not Thanking You because i lost everything (what happen to David in bible) i am Thanking You because of  Who You Are regardless my circumstances.  Because of what Your Nature is like, Your intentionality, regardless what the enemy is doing.  This is what i know about You.  And i am giving Thanks because that is the person i need right now in my life.  David strengthened his heart,( by Thanking God)  Sometimes our difficulty is   we start thinking about stuff before we engaged God in our heart.  You didn’t invite Jesus into your head you invited Him into your heart.  Always heart first head second.  You have to learn to live that way or there will be no encounters with God.  There are going to be no encounters in your head.  They are going to come in your heart.  You have to experience God in your heart.  You can not in your head.  You can think about Him.  But experience comes from heart.  It’s your heart that has divine encounters.  It’s what you know about the nature of God that sustains you.  First you must see Who God is and then Who He is for you.   Ask God “what is it You want to be for me that you could not be at any other time?”

Father help me to have this mind-set.  To always look at Who You Are.   Not my circumstances no matter how bleak they may seem.

Thank You Father for Your servant Graham, may he plant many seeds in Your Name.



i was listening to Graham Cooke in truck.  He said some of us know, God as savior, some are getting to know Him as Lord.  i think i am somewhere in between.   Growing in faith that He saves, and Treating Him as Lord over my life.

It’s funny we are willing to subject ourselves to others.  We go to work, we exalt pastor to know all, we let drugs and food control us.  Yet here is a God that Loves us has only Good for us.  And yet we cry no don’t want to summit to Him.

The good news is, when you do.  Life takes on a whole new meaning.  It’s not you against world, or world revolving around you.  It’s God Loving you into His image.  Seeing how many ways not only He can show love but use you to do the same.

Reading Philippians i saw prayer for others, throughout the book.  That prayer was also for the author as well.  When we confess we are happy with little or much we are Proclaiming that God can accomplish that mind-set in us.   God was Lord over Paul’s life.   Paul was not only used to write 2/3  of New Testament.  He has affected COUNTLESS  numbers of people for the Gospel.  Showed us how to think, pray, get through trying times.  Who besides Jesus has had it so bad?  i believe God gave us the sense of adventure we have.  For look at these life stories.  They are full of adventure.

We have this same venture.  Yet we look at everyday life and say no we don’t.  God took Paul and transformed him.  From the keeper of laws and killing those that do not follow them, to someone who would die, go to prison, and be beaten countless times for that which he once killed people for doing.  This is basic i know.  i find God bringing me back to the basics all the time.

No i am not asked to go to prison for sharing the Gospel.  i am asked to bring it to those imprisoned.    i am not beaten for my beliefs, Yet i am  looked at like “i’m to heavenly minded for earthly good”  i don’t think God asked Paul to do all this his first year of ministry.  This a cured over time.  Building Paul’s faith with little battles.  Giving him reassurance that God was and always will be with him.

This is why i ask to grow in faith/suffering.  i do not aspire to be Paul only to be used to further God’s Kingdom in such a big way.  i even seek to do it anonymously.  none of me All of God.  i look at my life and ask daily is God my Lord, boss, friend, Provider, Sustainer?  If so, does my life/mind-set bear His Fruit?

One of my favorite Epistles is Phil 4:4-8  4.Always be full of Joy in the Lord.  i say it again-Rejoice!  5. Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do.  Remember, the Lord is coming soon.  6.  Don’t worry about anything; instead, Pray about Everything.   Tell God what you need, and Thank Him for ALL He has DONE.  &.  Then YOU WILL EXPERIENCE God’s Peace which exceeds anything we can understand. His Peace will Guard your hearts and minds as you live in  Christ Jesus.  8. ….One final thing.  Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.  Think about things that are excellent and Worthy of Praise.  Keep putting into Practice all you learned……

i find that when i think of Jesus coming again i do not fear but am welcoming it.  Jesus will MAKE ALL THINGS RIGHT.  i also find that if i ask in prayer my worrying ceases.  Life is so much  easier, when i think on all He has done for me.  i have peace.  So no in response to my last post i do not have it as easy as people may perceive i do.  i just pray the same prayers My brother in Christ prayed.

Phil 1: 2-6   2.May the God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you Grace and Peace.  3. Every time i think of you, i give Thanks to my God.  4. Whenever i  pray, i make my requests for all of you with Joy, 5. for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now.  6. And i am certain that God, Who began the Good Work within you WILL CONTINUE  His Work until it is Finally Finished on THE DAY WHEN CHRIST JESUS RETURNS. (may i add: more hope and less fear we will be complete YEAH!

Isaiah 55:10-11

Wrap your brain around this one, i dare you

How do you wrap your brain around this?

i was setting things up to come outside to blog.   i had to get the one cat in, so i went back inside house.  As i was straightening up i was Thanking God not only for what had just happened, but for strength to straighten up house.  i was also thinking i wish i wasn’t down to two cigarettes i wish i could find a pack somewhere.

i lift a plastic bag off the kitchen table and an unopened pack falls out. i said to myself how do you wrap your brain around that?  Is it me???? or did God just grant me a wish.  i mean i asked for cigarettes.  That seems unlikely right?  i was so happy at what had just happened that, to be blessed beyond what i ever thought,  Was too much for me to conceive.

So here i am two full cigarettes lite at once.  Not understanding how God could want to use me?

i am sending this post out as a cry for the word God gave me, to be for-filled.  ” God is reading the harvest,  Return to your First love.  God wants to be your First Love”

i am going to share with you an e-mail i sent someone at church.  For ease of writing i will use names.  Don’t try to figure out who for i am, for i’m to remain anonymous.

Blessings my dear Sara i was reading a prayer e-mail for Melanie.  One of the things she may be doing in Thailand is visiting girls from sex trade.  i wanted to share with you what i felt pressed on my heart.

1.  If they (girls) are in America and they ARE

They are here.  they need homes.

2.  If they live in other countries

Could we provide that safe place here in USA??????  or there?

i also felt the verse ” the harvest is ready the workers are few.  Will you say we have time, harvest isn’t for 4 months?….Pray that there be workers.”

Jesus is Good!   Thank You Father for Your Son to show us the way.  Thank You Jesus for revealing Yourself.   “I do not pray that You take them out of this world.  But that You keep them from the enemy.”   Thank You Jesus for Praying  that for us.  God is Protector.  We need to receive this.  Know this.  Seek this.

Sorry Sara God is showing me things so i am typing them out.

Would you tell me what you feel?  If this moves you at all?  i was thinking if the Lord Provides larger housing for mom and another girl or two.  i would be honored to pass on the Love given me.  Can’t say i think i am good at that.  But that is what reliance on the Lord is all about for me.

Have a blessed weekend. and Shalom and JEHOVAH JIRAH

So here i am  water mister on. ( had to get that out), beautiful day, laptop and wanting to serve God with all these Blessings.  i hear go Love your mother.  So i will share more on this post next time.  For there is so much to explore on this subject.  i must do as told.  Blessings to all.

Father may Your Word reap a harvest for Your Kingdom.

Day of rest

i am starting to understand the spirit world. It is written we do not war against man but of spiritual principalities. This doesn’t make sense till you understand we are made Spiritually. What we think, affects us spiritually.
Have you ever been around someone and you just didn’t feel right? People call it negative energy. This is what i am talking about. i am learning that when a person is thinking negatively either about God, themselves, or others. They give off the spirit of what they are thinking about, bitterness, anger, pride….. weather we are aware of it or not we pick this up. This is what we war against. We think it is the people but it is rather their emotional state coming out in their actions. Most times their issues aren’t even with us. They’re unresolved issues with God, themselves, or others/us.
So i am learning that if i see everything as coming from God then i won’t look at the person and their behavior but rather look for what God is trying to show me.
Either about myself (heart) or the person(s) (heart).
Then comes the hard work. Because if it is our hearts God is showing us then we have to look at it. (humble ourselves, and ask forgiveness) If it is the others we have to show love in spite of their actions. This also tells us what to pray for the person. This is how we show Jesus to others.
Lately i have been around negative people. Mostly unforgiving people. The energy they gave off was draining me. i was taking it to God and asking Him what He wanted to tell me. Aside from the always standard “you have done the same” God was showing me that without Him i can not show love to such people. i have to rely on His Grace to give grace to them.
Yesterday was a breaking point to me. i was tired hungry, and taking on these people’s bitterness, and unforgiving spirit. Father forgive me for the unkind words i said.
When my roommate got home after work i had nothing left.
God in His infinite Wisdom knew that we as humans can only learn so much at a time. (God can accelerate this though) This is the reprieve thing i wrote about posts ago.
So my roommate was kind, loving and showed me God’s love for me. i sat there Thanking God that He did not ask me to keep giving what i did not have. Thank Him for His Kindness to me. i listen to my roommate share God’s wisdom of how we worship for our own benefit not to Praise God. (sometimes), another story don’t read into it)
i heard God say “there will be a time when you will be able to handle so much more. Jesus endured more and my Purpose is to transform you into Jesus”. (Jesus ALWAYS went to the Father for Peace/Grace)
So i now Thank God in the mist of the storm for it builds endurance and i Thank Him when it is over. i have learned to Thank Him in others negative behavior as well. For now i know it is not man we war against but of spirits and principalities. (Revelation of His Word)
satan gets us to look at ourselves/others God gets us to look at Him. See God at work in the interaction. What is God’s goal in the situation?
i would like to add that we can also give off positive energy. When we are happy, resting in God, calm, peaceful we share these with people also. This is how we show others that to Rest is God is not a struggle. This is how we are to represent God to others. It is Written “all that is true, honorable, pure, and lovely, admirable think on these things”
Here is Philippians 4:4-9
4. Always be full of Joy in the Lord. I say it again-rejoice! 5.Let Everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is Coming Soon. 6. Don’t worry about Anything; Instead, Pray about Everything. Tell God what you need, and Thank Him for All He has done.
7. (promise to what you just did) Then you Will Experience God’s Peace, WHICH EXCEEDS ANYTHING WE CAN UNDERSTAND. His Peace Will Guard your hearts and minds as you live IN CHRIST JESUS. 8. And now dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, pure, lovely and admirable. Think about things that are Excellent and Worthy of Praise. 9. Keep Putting into Practice All you learned and received from me- everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of Peace Will Be With you. (Paul wrote this WHILE IN PRISON what’s our excuse to not do the same?)
Father Isaiah 55:10-11 tells us Your Word NEVER RETURNS VOID. May Your word bear Fruit from this post. Be Glorified Father.

Doing ALL Things unto the Lord

i am listening to the Bible on the Ipad.     God is pointing out all that needs done to get our house ready for sale.   In my flesh i am overwhelmed.   But in my Spirit  i am  listening to the Bible, so God is telling me that He will never leave me.    He will strengthen me.    Asking me to lean on Him.  His burden is easy yoke light.  If i seek Him He will show me what to do next.

satan is tricky.  he tries to get me to look at everything and everyone including me, in the circumstances.   God says “LOOK AT ME”.   when i do this i find rest.   when i follow satan’s leading thoughts i find distress, confusion, and condemnation, etc.

Take this blog for example.  satan says “your lazy, not working, not listening to the Bible.

God says ” you are declaring My Glory”

God reminds me to point out that when we read Psalms we are to read them, As if it is us, saying these things.

“Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord.

joyful are those who obey His laws and search for Him with all their hearts”.

i do not declare to be a person of integrity.  i do declare that is what God wants of me.  He and only He will bring me to the place He desires  Integrity.

i see Him doing this the more i listen to His instructions.  BIBLE

i do not declare i obey His laws.  i pray i will.

i do rejoice that the Spirit is in me searching Him with all my heart.

verse 4-8 is perfect.

“You have charged us to keep Your Commandments carefully.

oh, that my actions would Consistently Reflect Your decrees!

Then i will NOT be ashamed when i compare my life with Your Commands.

As i learn your righteous Regulations, i will Thank You by living as i should.

i will obey Your decrees.

Please do not give up on me!”

This is the David heart, God is showing me.

That i too want my actions to Reflect All God’s Commands.

i too cry out to God to fulfill His promise to never leave nor forsake me, to lead me in the path i should go.

My faith lies in His Holy Word.

If i seek i will find.  if i believe that Jesus covered my sin in full, Then i am clothe in Jesus’ righteousness and will not ever be forsaken.    Not my righteousness JESUS’ AND JESUS’ ALONE.


Time with God

i am listening to bible on iPad.  God is revealing like crazy what it is i am listening to.   Showing me David’s Heart.  For i am listening to Psalms.  God prophetically speaks to me you have David’s heart.   i lose it in emotional gratitude for such a precious gift as this.

as i am listening,  The Spirit is moving me to clean house for my husband.

i am going back and forth between amazement of what i now hear so clear, and  praising  Him for acts of service unto His name (cleaning house), and showing me David’s heart

my heart is wanting to get this out to people.  But i can’t find my wireless mouse.   i say the prayer i said in Texas when i lost the 1/4 caret stud earring, and back on the beach and He showed me where it was.   “God you know where it is show me”

well as i am looking for the mouse, listening to the bible, and cleaning at the same time.

(told you i was performance oriented).

It starts to rain outside

God:  come see the rain.  pray that it be my word raining down now.  not just water.  I command when it rains and where by my word.

me:  I go to window and hear God tell me these things

God;  all things are at my Word.   People are thankful for rain when it is hot and dry, and need water on lawns, fields, flowers, etc.    People hate rain when it’s too much.   when you seek Me in all things I am bigger than all circumstances.   you never see it as terrible if your focus is on the Lord.

i then go back to cleaning.  For what i just heard “rest in the Lord and know He is”  apparently didn’t sink in,  i feel i should be cleaning not resting.    so i go back to cleaning  and looking for the mouse.

God:  I will show you where the mouse is, if you come sit with Me by the window.  Opened and sheltered from rain,  And watch it with me.  There is a psalm I will choose for you to write about. you haven’t heard it yet.

Me:  Father just let me finish i’m almost done.  i go sit for a 1/2 minute praise Him.  Then  i start vacuuming.   When i am vacuuming God down loads this whole post to me.  so when i do get to it,  i will know what to say.

Me: putting vacuum away in office

God:  hey look on the desk.  use the wired mouse from the desk top for the laptop..

Me:  God thank you for your provision.

May all who reads know fellowship with God is that easy.  You must first believe He is and then ask.  He then will lead you to His Son Jesus who pardons your sin, washes you clean, and shows you how to yield the Holy Spirit so you may talk to the Father.  Father then tells you who He is, what pleases Him, how to serve Him, worship, praise, what to ask for.    GOD IS GOOD PERIOD.


i’m outside an a jack hammer is working it’s little head off  and i see the transformation God has done already because that loud hammer isn’t phasing me.   MIRACLE

This is what i am trying to share with people.  The things that bother us here on earth, jack hammers, death, car  accidents, name it.  When you are with God they take on a whole new light.  They are not heavy or burdensome.  Jesus is a God of Peace,  His yoke  is easy and burden light.

We seek money thinking that our problems would be solved.  No they won’t.  God is the only form of rest.  ask anyone who won big and wishes they didn’t.    i would rather have the peace to go through the storm then the money to try and buy my way out.   Money will burn.  God is eternal.

When i can look back at my life either recently or long past and see how things use to get me upset, or frustrate me.  Now it’s as if the screaming child isn’t in the room.  As an example.  Now i see the Father heart of God in the mother.  How much faith God has in her.  i see it as a huge honor to me a mom.   all things come from God so do children.   For God to say here take care of my child.  Wow to me that’s big.  Woman should be honored for doing so.  Moms i feel get the raw end of stick sometimes.  i try very hard to let them know how blessed they are and appreciated they are.

i got side tracked  my point was  God makes it not so hard to do all things.  You just have to hang out with Him.

i have so much transformation yet to complete.  i now have faith based off of all He has already done that He will “Complete that which He started”

i have been praying lately to strengthen my faith that if it was all taken away i would still Praise Him, Thank Him, Seek Him.    See we look at Job like he had it the worst.  Yet we forget what God called him to satan.  My Servant,  finest man in all the earth, blameless, fears the Lord.  These are names i would be honored to have God call me.  God knew Job would seek Him through the storm.  Job only proved God right and satan to be the liar, and thief he is.

Father may i seek only to bring Glory to You.  Not what i get out of it but what i can give.  Father continue to rid me of self.  Jesus show me how to love as You love, serve as You serve, forgive as You forgive.   Be Exalted Lord.