Service unto God or self

God be Glorified.

We are all called to ministry.  The ministry of love, kindness, and compassion for our fellow man.

Before i start i have to say Thank You Jesus for this lovely Memorial day, for the men and woman and families that sacrifice their lives daily so that we may have the joy of resting in freedom.

These past couple of months have been the most interesting of all.  God is taking me on a journey from self to others.   As He has been doing this i am learning what it is like for leaders in the church.  You start by hearing the call. How, by Resting in His Word. Getting to know the Creator and His ways.  Then you see all that needs done and think to yourself i have to do something.  You go and do something, and do some more and do some more. Till your warn out and begging God for a day off.  We forget about the Rest. That it was in the Rest, that we could even see beyond ourselves and our needs.    i’m learning that if i rest in Him, He will direct my paths.  For even in the doing He has shown me not all i do He asked of me.

See i’ve been Blessed with a restored relationship with my mom.  So there is one person right there in whom i can minister Love , Kindness and Compassion too.  Seeking to understand her and her needs. As well as others The Lord has placed in my path.  In my zeal to help, and no longer be selfish and self centered, i for got that it is better to love fully then to do, just for the sake of doing.  Even if you are truly doing for others with good intentions.

i’m learning that the Whole body working together gets far more accomplished then just one person working alone.  That if i seek The Lord to serve those He has given me then my time will be filled with them and i don’t need to look in EVERY CORNER to find where i can help.  Isn’t it the ones closest to us that need us the most?

In His Mercy God gives us reprieves.  Oh Thank You Father.  It is in these reprieves that He tells me, ” listen it’s not your job to help every human being on the plant.   It is your job to Love ME, and those i have given you.  It’s not you doing any of it anyway.  It’s ME Working through you.”

Father may our lives be pleasing to you, may all we do, we do in Love for the Glory  of Jesus Name and The Exalting of Your Kingdom.


Isaiah 1-9

i am waiting till 2pm to go see marcus welby and learn more about blogging.   i was wasting time on computer when the Spirit of the Lord said “listen to My Word”.  So i hit play on I pad and Proverbs played than, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, than Isaiah came on.  As i was listening, all these revelations were coming to me.  Past conversations i have had with people.   Then i started noticing a theme in the chapters.  God Blesses and calls us to Repent, God Blesses than calls us to Repent. i only got to chapter 9 and stopped player.

Now i am here writing this down for myself in a notebook.  So i can go play by-play through Isaiah.  i am told that God is Past, Present, and Future.  We are to see/read/hear the Written Word from the mindset of: this has happened, is happening, is going to happen.

Replace kings with presidents and rulers of countries.  Replace Jewish priests with pope and Religious leaders.  Replace tithe / offerings, and sacrifices with giving to the poor and helping the less fortunate, serving the church.

We also can not know the future that is referred to here in Isaiah.    When we seek God.  He will reveal and open our eyes to His Written Word, and prepare us for that which is promised to come.  He also opens our eyes, to what is happening now.  He tells us how to deal with it.   We are to trust and seek Him for our protection from future catastrophe.  Because it is Written… It Will Happen,  and It Will Get Worse!

His purpose is That None Should Perish.    Some people’s rock bottom is lower than others.   We ALL know when we hit ours, we cry out to God to save us.  We humble ourselves, and acknowledge that God is the Creator and the Only One who can Save us.   Funny how by chapter 9 He God tells us, how to be saved.    His Name is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  His Government and Peace WILL NEVER END.


Isaiah starts off with repent, there is hope.   Then he shows us what that hope looks like.   God then tells you ” now you know this can be yours if you seek Me God out”.   Then tells you what life without Him would be like.

He will send out His calling to you, through Jesus.  Jesus will be with the current, and future proclaimer’s of God.

When you receive this message Sing unto the Lord.  For His Mercies Endure Forever.

Chapter 6 Blew me away.  For i  hope to see the Lord here on earth.  That He would Bless me one day with a Vision of Himself Clothe in ALL HIS MAJESTY.

Is that what  it takes for His people to say ” ok i believe now all i’ve heard.  i will follow You to the death?”  i hear in a still small voice.  Also  hear Blessed are those that believe and don’t see.

Jesus if it be the Fathers Will to reveal You in Your Full Majesty may i have eyes to see?   If not may i follow Your example to the grave never to deny You?

In  the end Peter declared Your  Holy Name.  Proof of Restoration.  He had seen Your miracles 1st hand.  Denied you , but knew he was wrong.  In the end he Proclaimed Your Forgiveness and KINGDOM.

Even Isaiah knew how completely filthy he was in Your Holy Presence.  A burning coal (Jesus)  (suffering to obedience)   cleansed Isaiah.

What does God say to Isaiah first thing?

“Who shall I send, as a messenger?  Who will go for Us? (Father Son, Holy Spirit)

What did Isaiah say standing in God’s Presence?    “Here I am Send me”

See once you know God-see God.  you realize that no matter what you have to endure on earth.   It is an Honor and Privilege to suffer for His Holy Name sake.

A verse God brought to mind.  Phil 1:29  ” you have been given the privilege not only of trusting God, but also of suffering for Him.  We are in this fight together.  (God, you, other believers)

This is the suffering i talk to my hubby about.  God gave him Wisdom to know “this world is temporal”.  God also gave me this Wisdom.  i just pray i have the endurance to suffer for His Holy Name sake.  i believe it is promised we will suffer on earth.  Either through our disobedience or for serving a Lord people do not know.  They will believe we do not know that which we Proclaim “as the Only Living Holy  God”.  The Father God, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that Reveals who They all are.

For we are  just people /vessels of God. To declare God’s Glory.   Does He  need me/us?   NO!   His Glory Speaks for It’Self.   Does He delight in our declaring?   YES!   If i may speak for Him?  His Word says He does.

i want to delight God.  Bring Him what minimal joy i can offer.  So Yes i will pray asking that, All i do, say, and touch will bring Glory to His Holy Name.

i am sensing that with all this writing, i am now to type it all out.  Let the public decide for themselves.   i am a mere human that said” Yes Father send me Lord.”   He has given me a mouth to Declare His goodness, hands to write and computer to keep up with the ages.  So All may Know “The One True Living God who hear’s His people when they pray ” God let it be your word”  i am coming to love rain.  It’s raining outside.

Be Glorified Father.  May any un-truth be exposed.  Only that which you want revealed, shall be revealed.  All Glory and Honor to God the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit for without Him we know not the Lord  thy God.

God’s Day

Let me start with my mind is racing with so much Good news. i need to start off with this.
Father Forgive my sins, Teach me Your ways, make me willing to Obey You. Be Glorified through these words i type (You type)

If you walked past our house 10 mins ago you would have seen me pulling weeds, possible heard me audibly talking with God.

While i was down pulling weeds i thought. If i told my roommate i pulled weeds today he would see the evidence of that in the yard. If i told my roommate God did it. He wouldn’t believe that God Himself came down to earth to weed our yard.
Yet here i am trying to tell you that God did come down to earth in Spirit Form and weed our garden.

Why do we believe man infinite man does anything? Man found cure, man went to moon…. yet if we give God ALL THE CREDIT we aren’t believed.
it is written God wants our thanksgiving. Isn’t it God that gives us breathe to breathe, Minds to create, Hands to build.
So yes is what i say. God did weed our garden, IT IS WRITTEN WE ARE TO BE HIS HANDS AND FEET.

We Christians will give God (HOLY SPIRIT) the credit for when we do missionary work , give a prophetic word…why aren’t more of us giving GOD ALL THE CREDIT?

Father, forgive me for all the millions upon millions of times i took the credit. Father show me Your Wonder. That it is You God Alone that does All things, Creates All Things. Lead me JESUS on to the path of Obedience. Jesus STRENGTHEN me.
It is written JESUS LEARNED OBEDIENCE THROUGH HIS SUFFERING. Father may i run the Good race preserving to the end and seek to win for Your Glory ALONE

my blog

please read Galatians 1:10-17ish  This is how i relate to Paul and this is my goal with blog.

obviously,  i’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God.  if people pleasing were my goal,  i would not be a servant of God.

Dear brothers and sisters ,  i want you to understand that what I write is not based on mere human reasoning.  i receive my thoughts from no human source, and no one taught me.  instead, i received it by direct revelation from Jesus Christ.

You know how i was when i thought i knew everything, ran the show, thought others should do as i  say/do. i was not seeking to bring God any Glory let along voice my prayers to public.

but even before i was born, God chose me and called me by His marvelous Grace.  then it pleased Him to reveal His Son to me so that i would Proclaim the Good News about Jesus to those I know.

With this said i pray that the things i feel i hear from God, my own thoughts ,feelings, opinions, All bring Glory to God and show that i can do NOTHING APART FROM JESUS THAT STRENGTHEN ME.   Isaiah 55:10-11       reads the rain and snow come down from the heavens and stay on the ground to water the earth.  they cause the grain to grow, producing seed for the farmer and bread for the hungry.  it is the same with My Word.  I send It out, and it Always produces fruit.  It will accomplish All I want It to, and It Will prosper everywhere I send It.

Thank You Father for using a wretch like me to spread  Your Word producing fruit in Your Holy Name