Graham Cooke

would love to take credit for the writing that is to follow but Graham Cooke said it all. (excerpt)

We learn the disciplines of the Spirit, through the circumstances of life.  Every situation tells us something about God and ourselves.  Your current situation is telling you something about who you are.  particularly What God wants to be for you right now.  We become the people of the Spirit when we discover the Nature of God in the situation we find ourselves.  What if every circumstance was  primary about you  discovering who God is for you.

There is a process.  God loves to take us step by step from who we are to what He wants us to be.  God is past, present, and future.  He sees who you are, and who you will become.  There is process that will totally engage us  in a faith filled encounter with God that will overcome the enemy and bring us to a larger place in the Spirit…..When you get into traumatic circumstances.   People need a place for their anger.  They either become passive or aggressive.  Passivity stops you from doing something constructive,  or their aggression focuses power on the wrong things.  When you get into adverse circumstances you can not afford to eyeball  the circumstances unto you have a good look at God.   Worship is never a casual thing.  Thanksgiving is never  casual.  It’s intentional, it’s purposeful.   It’s not Lord i Thank You for what’s happening…we are not Christian masochist..  We are not Thanking You because my  house has burned down, and my wife and kids were kidnapped.  i’m not Thanking You because i lost everything (what happen to David in bible) i am Thanking You because of  Who You Are regardless my circumstances.  Because of what Your Nature is like, Your intentionality, regardless what the enemy is doing.  This is what i know about You.  And i am giving Thanks because that is the person i need right now in my life.  David strengthened his heart,( by Thanking God)  Sometimes our difficulty is   we start thinking about stuff before we engaged God in our heart.  You didn’t invite Jesus into your head you invited Him into your heart.  Always heart first head second.  You have to learn to live that way or there will be no encounters with God.  There are going to be no encounters in your head.  They are going to come in your heart.  You have to experience God in your heart.  You can not in your head.  You can think about Him.  But experience comes from heart.  It’s your heart that has divine encounters.  It’s what you know about the nature of God that sustains you.  First you must see Who God is and then Who He is for you.   Ask God “what is it You want to be for me that you could not be at any other time?”

Father help me to have this mind-set.  To always look at Who You Are.   Not my circumstances no matter how bleak they may seem.

Thank You Father for Your servant Graham, may he plant many seeds in Your Name.


i’m outside asking God to lead me in

i’m outside asking God to lead me in the next thing to do?  Asking God if it is ok to just walk in the garden?   As i walk the garden, pulling weeds, and listening to Psalms 119 on IPad, (grieving the time i won’t have in garden once house sells)    i am hearing the words of David and it is appearing all to clear.

i would love to type out all of psalms 119  and go through it with you.   i am not feeling lead to do so.  only to have you read it for yourself asking God and God alone to tell you what it says.

this is what this Psalm said to me.   i can not without God to reveal, what His laws and Decrees mean.   Without God we are to limited to understand what His Holy word says.  We give ourselves power in our thinking that we are smart enough to understand that which we read.   We Fool ourselves.  Holy Scripture tells us WE CAN’T WITHOUT GOD UNDERSTAND.

We try to take the short cut.  Have others search the bible for us.    Doesn’t work that way.    God’s Word is eternal.   He speaks that which He knows the person is ready for.  His word says  ” When you are faithful with little I will give you more”    If we go by what others tell us the bible says  instead of God, we may be mislead.  Why go to man for that which God wrote.    O’ Father please anoint this don’t let it come out wrong let it give only You God Glory.

i am not saying that God does not use man to teach His word.   It was man that lead me to search the scriptures.    Telling me read God’s word everyday.

What i am saying is…i am man, i too make mistakes.   i too go to God and ask please do not let me deceive myself.

this is what David is saying in 119. (are my comments)

17. ” Be good to your servant, that I may live and obey Your Word.

18. Open  (God has to open) my eyes to see the wonderful Truths in Your instructions.

19. I am  only a foreigner in the land.   (do any of us really know where we are and what our purpose in
life is? God tells us)
do not hide Your commands from me!  (if God wanted to He could, so David cries out please Lord don’t
take away from me) (these are the prayers we should pray) (Father may there never be a famine of Your Word)

20. I am always overwhelmed with a desire for Your Regulations. (are we?)

21.  You rebuke the arrogant: those who wander from Your Commands are cursed.  (there is victory in
Jesus, but we must seek God for salvation IT IS WRITTEN  Ps 50)

22. Don’t  (Meaning only God can stop it) let them scorn and insult me,  for I have obeyed Your laws.
   (trust me when you follow God you get filled with Joy and want to proclaim His goodness to everyone.
  People will scorn and mock you.  You will need God’s protection when they do)

23. Even princes sit and speak against me,   (princes may be a best friend, spouse,…..(not for long God
brings NO division between spouses) parent, brother. i’ll expand later on this) 
but I will meditate on Your Decrees.

24. Your laws please me:  They give me WISE ADVICE.

27.  Help me understand the meaning of Your Commandments, and I will meditate on Your wonderful
deeds.    (God has to give understanding)

28.  I weep with sorrow;  Encourage me BY YOUR WORD.    (instead of looking at God’s wrath  look at
God’s goodness in His word.  The Holy Spirit will convict you. Don’t let satan steal the Joy of
God’s word from you.)

29.    (BEST ONE YET)  Keep me from lying to myself;  (only God can do that, it is written The
Spirit will lead you into All Truth) Give me the Privilege of knowing Your instructions.
(here David knows what a privilege it is to even Know God, have His Word, Hear Him Speak, we are
not left alone to figure it all out for ourselves)
31. I cling to Your Laws. LORD, don’t let me be put to shame! (yes Father)
32. I will pursue Your Commands, FOR YOU EXPAND MY UNDERSTANDING.
33. Teach ME Your Decrees, O’LORD; I will keep them to the end.
34. Give me understanding and I will obey Your instructions; (only God can give understanding)
I will put them into practice with all my heart.
35. Make me walk along the path…….( God makes you walk along)
36. Give me eagerness for Your Laws rather then love for money.

Here is where God said blog this.
How many times in a day do you hear people say “if I could only win the lottery” now i ask this.
How many times a day do you hear “oh I wish I had more of God’s Laws”?
i am at a place where i am so full of the Joy of the Lord. He is talking with me all the time, and i just want to proclaim it everywhere i go, to everyone i see. This unfortunately doesn’t go over to well with people. i am told your to heavenly bound, don’t offend people, what makes you able to hear God. (wait praise report God has been so faithful to His word and sent like minded people in my path. one’s who do understand my joy and live in it too. Thank You Father)

The other day i was in Turkey Hill and said my standard “Blessings” to someone. It was well received and i actually found that shocking. Then God pointed out to me People need blessings, they want happiness, things to go well. They hear curses all day from everywhere. Keep blessings. Keep rejoicing, Keep proclaiming My Word. My Word’s have LIFE IN THEM.
so for those times i say “blessings” and the person looks at me weird, i will remember:”how will they know if no one tells them” how will they be blessed if no one blesses them.
Father i ask you to anoint this word. may i like David in Ps 119:74 “may all who fear You find in me a cause for Joy, for I have put my hope in Your Word”. Shalom

Doing ALL Things unto the Lord

i am listening to the Bible on the Ipad.     God is pointing out all that needs done to get our house ready for sale.   In my flesh i am overwhelmed.   But in my Spirit  i am  listening to the Bible, so God is telling me that He will never leave me.    He will strengthen me.    Asking me to lean on Him.  His burden is easy yoke light.  If i seek Him He will show me what to do next.

satan is tricky.  he tries to get me to look at everything and everyone including me, in the circumstances.   God says “LOOK AT ME”.   when i do this i find rest.   when i follow satan’s leading thoughts i find distress, confusion, and condemnation, etc.

Take this blog for example.  satan says “your lazy, not working, not listening to the Bible.

God says ” you are declaring My Glory”

God reminds me to point out that when we read Psalms we are to read them, As if it is us, saying these things.

“Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord.

joyful are those who obey His laws and search for Him with all their hearts”.

i do not declare to be a person of integrity.  i do declare that is what God wants of me.  He and only He will bring me to the place He desires  Integrity.

i see Him doing this the more i listen to His instructions.  BIBLE

i do not declare i obey His laws.  i pray i will.

i do rejoice that the Spirit is in me searching Him with all my heart.

verse 4-8 is perfect.

“You have charged us to keep Your Commandments carefully.

oh, that my actions would Consistently Reflect Your decrees!

Then i will NOT be ashamed when i compare my life with Your Commands.

As i learn your righteous Regulations, i will Thank You by living as i should.

i will obey Your decrees.

Please do not give up on me!”

This is the David heart, God is showing me.

That i too want my actions to Reflect All God’s Commands.

i too cry out to God to fulfill His promise to never leave nor forsake me, to lead me in the path i should go.

My faith lies in His Holy Word.

If i seek i will find.  if i believe that Jesus covered my sin in full, Then i am clothe in Jesus’ righteousness and will not ever be forsaken.    Not my righteousness JESUS’ AND JESUS’ ALONE.


Time with God

i am listening to bible on iPad.  God is revealing like crazy what it is i am listening to.   Showing me David’s Heart.  For i am listening to Psalms.  God prophetically speaks to me you have David’s heart.   i lose it in emotional gratitude for such a precious gift as this.

as i am listening,  The Spirit is moving me to clean house for my husband.

i am going back and forth between amazement of what i now hear so clear, and  praising  Him for acts of service unto His name (cleaning house), and showing me David’s heart

my heart is wanting to get this out to people.  But i can’t find my wireless mouse.   i say the prayer i said in Texas when i lost the 1/4 caret stud earring, and back on the beach and He showed me where it was.   “God you know where it is show me”

well as i am looking for the mouse, listening to the bible, and cleaning at the same time.

(told you i was performance oriented).

It starts to rain outside

God:  come see the rain.  pray that it be my word raining down now.  not just water.  I command when it rains and where by my word.

me:  I go to window and hear God tell me these things

God;  all things are at my Word.   People are thankful for rain when it is hot and dry, and need water on lawns, fields, flowers, etc.    People hate rain when it’s too much.   when you seek Me in all things I am bigger than all circumstances.   you never see it as terrible if your focus is on the Lord.

i then go back to cleaning.  For what i just heard “rest in the Lord and know He is”  apparently didn’t sink in,  i feel i should be cleaning not resting.    so i go back to cleaning  and looking for the mouse.

God:  I will show you where the mouse is, if you come sit with Me by the window.  Opened and sheltered from rain,  And watch it with me.  There is a psalm I will choose for you to write about. you haven’t heard it yet.

Me:  Father just let me finish i’m almost done.  i go sit for a 1/2 minute praise Him.  Then  i start vacuuming.   When i am vacuuming God down loads this whole post to me.  so when i do get to it,  i will know what to say.

Me: putting vacuum away in office

God:  hey look on the desk.  use the wired mouse from the desk top for the laptop..

Me:  God thank you for your provision.

May all who reads know fellowship with God is that easy.  You must first believe He is and then ask.  He then will lead you to His Son Jesus who pardons your sin, washes you clean, and shows you how to yield the Holy Spirit so you may talk to the Father.  Father then tells you who He is, what pleases Him, how to serve Him, worship, praise, what to ask for.    GOD IS GOOD PERIOD.

God’s Provision

i’m guilty first and foremost.  let me start off there.

What i am talking about is this revelation of relying on ourselves or world systems instead of Father God provider of all.  i pray to God to get me to that place where i go to Him for everything.  We as humans with intelligence seem to be deceived that our intelligence is what gets us by.  Forgetting that, it too comes from God.  We do not breathe without His say so.  Why do we think that we handle the rest of our day without Him.

We seek God when we want or need something.  Yet are disturb if we know people who only want from us without thinking our needs or wants.  Why do we treat God this way?

Why are we so on a quest to get others to heaven without getting to know the God we will be spending eternity with?    God wants all of us NOW!  Not when we get there and have no choice but to hang out with Him.

Father crucify my will, my independence, self reliance.  None of me All of You.

i do not want to go to God for wisdom on house/job and problems.  i want to go to God with how do you want me to spend my day/time?   Who do You want me to speak life into today?

We want an easy life.  God loves us to much for that.  See we grow in the pain.  God gave me wisdom some years ago.  Joy is meant to be enjoyed, pain is meant for growth.  Hence why i call pain ‘GROW LAND”.  We can not go to God and say Yes Lord i will follow you, but only if it is the easier softer way.  Jesus told us ” the road is narrow and few choose it”.  Why do we profess to believe, but then do not take Him at His word?  Jesus unlike us, doesn’t talk just to hear Himself speak.  He already knows these things. He tells us for our benefit.

i want to look at life like David ” teach me the number of my days”  i want to look at my limited time here on earth as, i only have so much time to show Christlikeness.  How can i show that today?

David also said “may the bones You crush rejoice.”   see as we are broken we see God for who He is.  Our sustainer/provider of all.   so long as we ‘GOT THIS”  we do not rely on Him.

May all who read this seek to give God Glory for ALL things.

God showed up like never before

Oh Father Your love amazes me.  how you turned my sin into Glorifing Your Holy name I can not explain but You did.

This i have learned that God will reveal things to us if we humble ourselves and ask.

it is not that one person knows over another, it is that He reveals to those that ask.

God is pointing out to me how much we rely on our own wisdom.

As i was on the toilet crying out to God i called out His name, told Him how amazing His love for me is, how i only seek to dwell in His presence.  asking Him to lead me in the way i should go.  i mean i was CRYING OUT TO HIM.

My roommate comes in and says “HE DIDN’T UNDERSTAND A WORD I WAS SAYING.

i asked if he was serious that i was speaking in English.  he said no i did not understand that which you said.

i lost it again.  singing God’s praises., professing His love and mercy on me.

See in all of this God showed me the unknown tongues that speak to God that humans can not understand.

He showed me how we humans think we can yield the gifts HE GAVE US, to our disposal.

i did not seek to speak in unknown tongues only to cry out to God and ask forgiveness, to be led by Him in the paths i should Go, to bring Glory to His Holy Name , to be obedient in all things.

by my roommate saying he did not understand that which i said  was God telling me He heard my cry.

i am more convinced now, more than ever that God not only is alive and with us He hears the crys of the humble, broken and contrite heart.   in one of my favorite Psalm it says. ” a broken and contrite heart You will not ignore”

By God’s Grace alone do i now know the depth of those words spoken through His servant David.

i will say it over and over till i die I CAN DO NOTHING APART FROM HIM .

This is what started the whole thing.  My roommate was advising me in what to do regarding my sin.  i agreed and told him i am seeking God.  He kept saying over and over agree with God we have choice.   i kept saying i can do nothing without Him.  that it is not i that chooses right only God that dwells within me.  he insisted i have choice in the matter.  i insisted that God wants us to rely solely on Him .   that i can not choose right without Him.

thus lead the crying out to God on the toilet.  (I had to go, sorry people for the details)   i say this only to stress the point God meets us any and everywhere we seek and cry out to Him.

i ask You Father to show my husband and all your children that WE CAN DO NOTHING APART FROM YOU.

That the lye satan tries to get us to believe we can  is just that A LYE.

Your Holy Word tells we can’t, yet Your children are deceived that they can.   As i pleaded in the bathroom, please do not let me be led astray, do not let me rely on my own understanding.  Make me to trust in You ALONE.

May God’s Peace and Revelation be on all those who read this.  Thank you ABBA

why we have it wrong

Do we not profess that “salvation does not come by works but by Gods grace and love for man, shown by Jesus’ death on the cross”?

Yet satan has us all fooled into thinking we must follow this set of rules and regulations.  God knows we can’t that is why He sent His only begotten Son  Jesus to die for our sins pay our debt in full.

Yet here i am. i made a mistake and a brother in Christ is accusing me.  WHY?  does he not know that no one can be perfect?  i am guilty as well.  i do not profess not to judge others.  i only profess that I am seeking God to serve Him the best i can.  i fail and you know what.  God knew i would. That is why i seek to bring  Him Glory.  because He knew i would, and yet He still called me by name to love and serve Him, preach the good news of His love and salvation.

i sought someone’s help with a problem.  and was received with accusations.

i am trying not to be wounded by this.  satan loves to use others to wound us.

i am not sure if the accusations against me are correct or not,  for i am selfish.  i do sin.  What i am asking is …..did not Jesus die for me also?

Are you who accuse me not also a sinner like me?

All i know is seek God seek God.  that is all i have.

Last night in home group i opened up a can of worms.

i said ” i do not see my salvation as a one way ticket to heaven.  i see my salvation as how can i serve God here and now.  with what i have and what i do”.

it seems we are so concerned with getting people into heaven that we miss the whole point.

God wants to live in and through us now today where we are.  not wait to fellowship with us when we get to heaven.

Father am i wrong?  Am i not to seek you even when i sin?  i thought that was what your Holy Word was all about.  using sinners like me to further Your Kingdom.   David a man after Your heart, was a murder and adulteress.  Yet You used him in a mighty way.

Paul who wrote 2/3 of new testament.  Did he not kill your children?

so way do my breathren accuse me?

did i sin YES!

did i repent YES!

did i seek You while sinning YES!

did i ask for help Yes!

so why Father do i sit here accused by those you also saved by Grace.

i am not judging my brother, for he was hurt by my actions.  That is why God asked  me to repent to him ask not only his forgiveness but help with my sin.

My dear brother in Christ i am sorry i hurt you, mislead you.  i only know to seek God seek God.   i have to have faith that God is using all of me.  that He is using the FOOLISH to confound the WISE.   it doesn’t always make sense to me either.  But God has shown me that even while i am in the act of what we/He call sin He uses me to bring Him Glory if I ask.

Please do not misunderstand me.  God does not desire i sin, only knows i will.  That is the point.  We can’t WITHOUT HIM

The whole point of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us is to lead us into all truth, lead us to see our sin, repent, seek God, and comfort us.  It was not man that lead me to repent and confess my sin last night, it was the Holy Spirit within me.  This is my assurance that God is with me.

Do i wish to be perfect, yes and no.  yes because this world would then maybe believe me.   (no it wouldn’t it didn’t believe Jesus).  No because i have learned that through my sin i rely on God.  When things are going well and all is happy i tend to tell God ” i got this don’t need your help”  but when i sin i know i need God.  i believe this maybe what Scripture was meaning when It says” God will cause all things for good to those who love and are called according to his purpose”  one of the meanings.

i believe this is the mystery behind using the foolish to confound the wise.

i am not saying i am right only that which i feel God has shown me.

So Father ABBA i cry out. please use my sin/mistake to bring healing and Glory to Your name.

Father strengthen me to do Your will.  Lead me in the way i should go.  Keep from the enemy.

I have caused so much pain to others in my life.  i desire only to bring healing and love.  i CAN NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU LORD.

FATHER YOUR WORD TELLS US YOU ARE FAITHFUL WHEN WE ARE NOT.  i will stand on that knowing You can not lie and that is the good news of REDEMPTION our Lord speaks of.

May i add no sin is greater than the other all is equal.  So if we are to accuse others we must not pick and choose which we call sin but what is sin against God.  All have fallen. my favorite Psalms says…it is You and You alone God whom i have sinned against and did this terrible thing.  You saw it all, and your sentence against me is just.  but i was born a sinner, yes, from the moment my mother conceived me.  you deserve honesty from the heart; yes, utter sincerity and truthfulness. oh give me this wisdom……………..David wrote that after he committed adultery and murder.   according to this world my sin was not as great.   yet i still ask for that which David asked.  Forgiveness and wisdom to do better.

My second favorite Psalm is “the one thing I want from God, the thing I seek most of all, is the privilege of meditating in His temple, living in his presence everyday of my life, delighting in His incomparable perfections and Glory’.

‘listen to my pleading, Lord.  be merciful and send the help I need’.

“my heart has heard you say, “come and talk with Me, oh my people.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming”

May God lead you to Him.  May all who read this seek God with all their heart, mind, and soul.  May that Spirit that dwells within keep us coming to Him for more and more wisdom.