Father God Jesus and Holy Spirit Be Glorified.

one of my neighbors just walked by.  Not only did it change my though but confirmed my reason for posting.  Wait i must go to him i for got his name.  Bob, but i heard and saw Jesus, (The Father).  wow it is Beautiful out.

so here i have been for awhile with God. working, seems more like Smiling and worshiping Him.  His Kindness so overwhelmed me after i spoke with Bob, that i had to lay before The Father and just let Him receive what little Thanksgiving i offered in utter Gratitude for His Kindness to me.

Back to the garden.  He just wanted me to Thank someone so, you know me had to share How Great and Merciful our God is.


Blessings from Romans

Today is amazing.  God answering my prayer can i spend time with You outside in the garden again.   i was outside cleaning the garden listening to Gods Word on I pad the four kids were out with me.  unrestrained and by my side.   i am trying to insert picture of  them but i accidently changed my settings and lost a lot of my old capabilities.   Father please restore to what i know.

Well lately God has been taking me back to the tree of knowledge of good and evil.   The one tree we were not fit to eat.   Why because Judgment is Gods.    So today He had me in Romans 1.  This confirmed what He was telling me about the tree.  

Father i pray that you are Glorified threw what you showed me.  That i may plant seeds for Your Harvest.

Here is what i wrote before i started yard work.  Romans 1 tells us the Holy Spirit convicts.  Tells our spirit what is right or wrong.  (us not others)  it is not us telling others what is wrong.  We are not the Judge.  God threw Jesus will judge.  ( hence why we have to follow Jesus for without His covering we are doomed.  Scripture tells us  this)

Romans 1:18   People suppressed the Truth.  They know about God for He made it known to them.   Ever since the world was Created.

Through EVERYTHING HE CREATED ( all beauty comes from God a gift to us)  God MADE HIMSELF KNOWN.


me–see this is where i get frustrated i believe like God.  Because how can you look at the ocean, the sky, flowers, dogs, cats, lions, mountains, and not know, Only God could Create such things????

hence why i loved Texas when all those people flocked to God’s Creation the ocean.

Then if we see this why wouldn’t you want to know who created this???   If God Himself wants to know you, spend time with you.   Why not say to the Creator of the sky, mountains, lions etc.  Who are You?  Reveal Yourself more  Father?  Thank You for such Beauty Lord Abba.  God is Faithfull unlike man He will reveal more, honor your  Humility through your gratitude.  He not only will reveal more but open your eyes to even more of His Beauty.

Here is where the Truth gets divided.    God will reveal  (it is written,-along with Him was Jesus when He created All things.)  So God must then show you Jesus.  Oh what a Blessing.  The Best of Blessings of gifts.  Jesus who washes away our sin so we can go to the Father and have fellowship through the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit is still being revealed along with more of God and Jesus. 

Back to the division.  People will take God – but enter Jesus and noo wait a minute there is division there.  There are those who know the TRUTH….   That Jesus ( the Truth, Way, Life) is the ONLY WAY to God.   And those that don’t or refuse/surppress the TRUTH of what their God shows them.  Remember we have no excuse God ( the True Living God) makes Himself known to us.  So if He does ,wouldn’t it stand He would also reveal Jesus to us.   Well this division of TRUTH is another post.

Back to Gods righteous Discipline. (i like to call it) 

Yes they knew God but wouldn’t Worship Him.  –Worship to acknowledge one Greater then yourself, giving Thanks and Praise for all His Blessings and for Who He IS.

God poured out His anger.  Hello wouldn’t you be angry  if you gave and gave and gave only to have someone not even acknowledge you were even in the room?   Even mock you for Blessing them. ( beatitudes Thank You Abba for bringing that Scripture to Life for me)

So here you are creator of  the universe and all that is in it.  Your serving and Blessing someone and they don’t even see you in the room and/or  Mock you, talk about you?    Wouldn’t  you get mad????   eventually????  We get these feelings from God you know?

So why do we curse God for seeking Justice for His Name sake (Himself) ???????

 We would want, seek, admonish Justice.

Hence why we need Jesus for with out Him we will NEVER BE FOUND JUST IN GODS EYES. 

hence  why i love Romans   Because that which we judge others of,  we are all found guilty  of in Gods Just Perfect Eyes.   Hence why the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil, was not fit for man to eat.


ISAIAH 55:1-11

This is the day the Lord has made let us Rejoice and be Glad in it

This day has been amazing.    i am pulling weeds and my neighbor says that’s poison.  i say what kind.   He don’t know if it is.   i say a prayer over my hands for protection and keep pulling.   i ask God where He is? How can i be in the garden and not Feel God.   This is the place i PROCLAIM WE MEET GOD.   yet here i am no God that i can see.  i start thinking about how awesome this day is.  Rejoicing in the Lord for the weather, and the day only getting better with each passing moment.

i then think of “it’s poison and say who are you satan to call that which God made bad or good.”   then God shows me how well classify things as good and evil.   that when we focus on “oh no i put my hands in poison what will i do?  than start thinking of all the ramifications that come with poison.    We take our focus off God.  Stop seeing what He might want to do with it.    If someone is stricken with terminal cancer, and meets the Lord there and follows in their heart.   Was cancer bad or good?   If the child who was born into poverty meets the Lord in a garbage dump, Is the poverty bad, the garbage dump?   satan will get us to look at things as bad and good.  God said if it Glorifies me, brings you into deeper fellowship with me, then poison ain’t so bad now is it?   This i think is how God is going to get me to stop fearing.   If i see everything from His viewpoint then whatever brings me closer to Him is worth it.   This is when i realized God had been with me the whole time.  For i would never want poison or any harm to come to me, no matter what the payoff.

i typed that last post in perfect timing to go to lunch with church woman i told you about.    ( i will call Mildred.)  Before i could meet her a woman calls  and asks me.   If i will post a prayer request for her son-in-law Luke who is an alcoholic.   i tell her God has him in His hands,and pray Peace for her.  That i am headed there and will do as requested.   i get outside and my church is doing a youth thing we will call it, in my neighborhood.  i go up to them and say hey i’m from your church, just got prayer request will you pray as you work?   The one girl says can we pray now?  So all 4 of us hold hands praying for Luke, the family, and each other.  i left that circle so full of the Joy of the Lord, speaking loudly of how Good God is.

i went to a sandwich shop to pick up our lunch and sang “God is Good, Good, Goood” the whole way down the pay here line.  Till i paid the kid said “come back your energy is good.  i said not mine the Lords.

Mildred and i  found a picnic table, under a tree, at a park to sit and eat.  Well i told that woman things.   You would never tell someone you only spoke to at church on sunday and one other time.   God was running the show.  Being Glorified through our praises all the way.   It was an amazing beautiful day.  A fellow believer who did not judge or condemn me or my past.  Who said they would pray for my victory and that my heart is seen by God and He is pleased with it.    To be in fellowship with another person believer or not.  To declare God and All His wonderful Creation.  Talk of  how Good He is.  How redeeming He is.  How much He Loves us.  How He will Never let us Go.    Does life get any better?

Maybe it is me who knows?  God does.   Well i never had God conversations with people like this before.   There was a time i never noticed His Wonderful Creation.  So to be Blessed to even  know Him,   share what i know/experience,  is more than i can ask for.  Let alone to have fellow people to Rejoice with.    Hello.   God is Good.