Father God Jesus and Holy Spirit Be Glorified.

one of my neighbors just walked by.  Not only did it change my though but confirmed my reason for posting.  Wait i must go to him i for got his name.  Bob, but i heard and saw Jesus, (The Father).  wow it is Beautiful out.

so here i have been for awhile with God. working, seems more like Smiling and worshiping Him.  His Kindness so overwhelmed me after i spoke with Bob, that i had to lay before The Father and just let Him receive what little Thanksgiving i offered in utter Gratitude for His Kindness to me.

Back to the garden.  He just wanted me to Thank someone so, you know me had to share How Great and Merciful our God is.


Another cat lesson


i was inside feeling very discontent.  i felt a post coming and grabed my stuff to enjoy the nice weather and write a letter to God. Telling Him how unhappy i am when i don’t wear His Yoke around my neck. Life becomes overwhelming and i feel so ??? As i have my hands full and proceed to my normal sitting spot i am stopped dead in my tracks by a baby Robin perched on a bucket behind where i sit. Is God good or what! i was gonna leave the I phone in-house to charge but Holy Spirit said bring it outside. So i got the picture. If that doesn’t make you think God loves me? Then maybe this will. My Girl bird catcher is right behind me. She is eating fresh grown catnip. (another Blessing from God came with the yard) i look at her and think don’t go near that bird. She walks to me stops, looks at the bird, then walks past me and sits 2 feet from bird just doin her thing. (she is under the table) i am amazed at this. Seeing God’s Blessings in it all… The I will not let the cat attack. I will show you harmony. I will Bless you. If you seek Me you will find Me.
Well i gotta get this out. i call friend first no answer. Then hubby picks up. With all the bad news i gave him today. It was nice to have a Blessing for him. i share the story and God speaks through my husband with words of  Wisdom. “don’t let things get you excited. Just cause it is there (see it) doesn’t mean you have to get excited. Just like patches saw the bird and didn’t get excited. Just cause she saw the bird doesn’t mean she had to do something about it. she rested”
God is now using Patches to share Himself with my husband. This cat of mine has been used by God more times than i can count. To show me Rest in God. As you love the cat I love you More, as you want to protect the cat I want More for you. on and on the list goes. True heartfelt life lessons on who God is for me.
So here i am what can i say…hum just had revealed the story in the bible where God used a donkey to speak to a guy. We read it as the donkey verbally spoke to man. maybe he did. But Patches didn’t have to say a word and God CLEARLY SPOKE THROUGH HER TO ME.
Father there was a time i never even thought where’s God? Went day after day year after year without any seeking of You in things. Now Thank You Father for answering my prayer ” may i see Your Light, be filled with Your Light, grow towards Your Light”. Father You have become like a drug to me. i am very aware when i am not yoked with You. i take on things that are not mine. i try to control that which i have no control. As you pointed out in N.Y i have no Peace. Father i want Your Peace. i want to totally trust You for All Things. Seek Your Guidance, Discipline,and Ways. i do not want to compartmentalized You. i want the words we sing every Sunday to be on my lips and in my heart at All Times. i do not like me apart from You. i get nasty when not at ease, judgmental, controlling, anxious, worry-some. Father as i have asked before take All of me. i want no say in the matter. i know that i know that i know Your way is the gentil, Peaceful way

Gods ways are not our ways

Have you Ever notice that if you ask someone something over and over and over people think you are a nag?

Have you ever been really  hurt by someone and you repay them with gifts of things really wanted?

Have you ever taken time to rest in your job to the point that your natural boss would fire you.  Only to find that you got more done that day then when you kept at it like a race horse?

Ever try losing weight only to give up, eat the junk food anyway than lose more  weight then you had set out to?

Have you ever meet someone you liked and clung to them so tight they stopped hanging out with you because you were so needy?

These are some of the things that baffle me.  i am now realizing that Isaiah 55:8-9 means what it says.

God wants us to keep asking over and over and over again.  He wants us to be so needy upon Him.  Wants us to rest, not judge food, and bless those that hurt us.

See when i do  something bad  this world punishes me, and condemn’s  me.   God Blesses me into repentance.  When i rest in Him,  i  get far more done than when i’m running around like crazy, working my head off.

i guess what i am really trying to say is that i was praying for the same thing over and over.  Someone said to me we are not to do that and i took the bait.  Forgetting all God taught me.   There are so many verses that illustrate we are to keep asking.

God just told me this is a character of Jesus, perseverance.

Everyday i have to ask God to show me how to love others.  Keep a guard over my mouth.  Keep my eyes on Him.  Ask Him to use me to minister love to others.  Write His laws on my heart.   Everyday i have to rest in Him.  i can’t afford to take a day off.

i have to keep asking, knocking, seeking.  Till the day He takes me.

Gods Word says we will not be complete till Jesus comes again.  To think we can ever arrive here on earth is a fallacy.   We have to come to God as if our life depended on it.  IT DOES.   Life not only here as we know it, but true life, abundant fruit producing life.

These are the prayers i pray.  God show me Your heart for Your people, May i have this heart, use me, tell me what to say, Humble me, make me to be obedient.  Crush my bones, none of me All of You.  May i know ALL provision comes from You.

These are prayers that if i do not ask daily i will slip away from seeking to achieve.

Gods Word tells us to pray without ceasing.  Giving Thanksgiving, knowing He will answer.  For if our earthly fathers give, SO MUCH MORE  will our Heavenly Father.

Father i am not sure what it is i am feeling right now, or what it is that i am to learn from the words You woke me up with this morning.  Your ways are higher than my ways.  Bless us to be the salt and light You called us to be.  May we love as You love.  May  Your ways be our ways.

Romans 8

Absolutely there is no condemnation in those that dwell in Christ Jesus.

Where i get frustrated is that we take this verse and use it to justify ourselves.   God wants Thankful hearts.  He wants us to be so Grateful that we are made right in His eyes.  We are to see this Holy Scripture and say Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus that You not only gave up Your rights, You so rightly deserve.  But came to this earth never throwing Your Rightful weight around.  Letting others mock You, beat You, Crucify You.  You did this for us.  Sinful self-serving us.   How can i show gratitude to You Lord?

i am one of those Christians that drives people nuts!  For i never say, nor do i ever want to say ” i believe in Jesus i am going to heaven.”  This i personally feel contradicts many of Scripture. (search the Scriptures for yourself)  Want i want is a pure heart, a Thankful heart.  i want to serve Him not knowing if i’ll get in.  This is where i think faith meets the rubber. ( sort of speak, rubber meets the road).  i want to serve Him for all He has already given me.  To much to ever count.

Why do we wait for heaven when the One we profess to believe in tells us.  PRAY THAT GODS WILL, WILL BE DONE ON EARTH.     We wait and wait.   My personal opinion, God is waiting on us.

We take Romans 8,10 and use it to become prideful.  We know/ have something others don’t.   Is it me or is this not TOTALLY CONTRADICTORY OF SCRIPTURE?   God wants NONE TO PERISH.

Lets take a closer look at ” many will come to me and say I prophesied in your name, healed others in Your Name.  He will say I NEVER knew you”.   WHY?   i feel it is cause we did these things not in gratitude but for self-serving reasons.  So others will look at us and think we are all that.   Good news is if i’m wrong God is Judge in the end.  so i am ok with being wrong.  i am also ok with seeking to have a pure heart, and gratitude without the insurance of a free ticket to heaven.

Father forgive me if i said anything contradictory to Your Holy Word.  If i did not, please pour out Your Spirit and resonate this in Your children’s hearts.  Father crush any pride in my heart.  Humble me Lord, that i may Glorify You and You  Alone.

was going to add Scripture but felt i would only be using it to justify my case and that would be no different then what i am complaining about.  Search for yourself Jesus tells us.

Jesus is the Way Truth and Life no one comes to the Father except though Him. Period case closed

Resting on the Lord

i have been one of those people who had no clue what resting in the Lord looks and feels like. With God things are opposite of what them seem. Resting in God does not mean resting like we think. We think rest is, a recliner, beer, t.v. cigs, a good movie, a beach, a day off of work….
Rest in God doesn’t mean you don’t work and sit around. Rest in God is not worrying, about outcome, others liking us, wondering if we are doing enough, or if we are doing it the right way. It is trusting that God is in charge and if we look at Him whatever work is in front of us won’t seem so heavy a burden for us.
i’ll refer to heavy lifting. When i am with God talking, rejoicing…. and i have to do heavy lifting, sweat producing labor. i don’t get tired and frustrated in the heat like i use to. i don’t see work as a cumbersome task anymore. i see what God wants to show me in the task at hand. Seems to fall into two categories with me. How to serve and Love others, or my pride. Service to others is pretty self explanatory. Pride is altogether different. Pride in look what i am doing. i do it all. Look at them. Pride in i can’t lift this i need help. Which always leads me to God. i can’t without You Lord work unto You, seek You, lift this, clean this………
i don’t know about you, but for me i use to take Pride in what i could do, and how much i knew. i would brag how i did this i did that. Just ask anyone who knew me up to about a year ago maybe sooner. Father forgive me. i took that which was a gift and made it about me and myself. Thank You for showing me that with You i can do all things. That You God enable me to think and lift. Thank You for Loving me in spit of my actions. Before i was born You knew me and called me by name anyway. Your Love Amazes me.
My friend she shows me Father Hearts love for me. how? Because she has seen my worst, i mean worst and she is still my friend after 26 yrs. To show God how much i love Him i want to speak only life to my friend. Build her up, let her know how loved she is not only by me but more so by the Father. Let her know that God is using her in a mighty way to show me Love.
This is resting in the Lord. Because my friend and i are so alike. We can drive each other crazy. We weren’t friends for 8 years because we drove each other nuts… She is answered prayer of restoration for our friendship. If i seek only to show her love then the things she does that use to bother me, i don’t notice other to than ask God if He wants to speak to it. Most times He tells me no. To show how good a friend she is, i don’t usually listen and she gets stuck with my opinion and loves me anyway. God is growing me up in this i do see. Forgive me first for not obeying and second for thinking i know how to fix everything.
Spouses are good for showing you Father heart of God and your own heart. Whole other post.
Point is when you are talking and communing with God no matter what your doing it isn’t over whelming. It comes nature. For His burden is easy and His yoke light.
Father may Your word come down like rain.

God’s Day

Let me start with my mind is racing with so much Good news. i need to start off with this.
Father Forgive my sins, Teach me Your ways, make me willing to Obey You. Be Glorified through these words i type (You type)

If you walked past our house 10 mins ago you would have seen me pulling weeds, possible heard me audibly talking with God.

While i was down pulling weeds i thought. If i told my roommate i pulled weeds today he would see the evidence of that in the yard. If i told my roommate God did it. He wouldn’t believe that God Himself came down to earth to weed our yard.
Yet here i am trying to tell you that God did come down to earth in Spirit Form and weed our garden.

Why do we believe man infinite man does anything? Man found cure, man went to moon…. yet if we give God ALL THE CREDIT we aren’t believed.
it is written God wants our thanksgiving. Isn’t it God that gives us breathe to breathe, Minds to create, Hands to build.
So yes is what i say. God did weed our garden, IT IS WRITTEN WE ARE TO BE HIS HANDS AND FEET.

We Christians will give God (HOLY SPIRIT) the credit for when we do missionary work , give a prophetic word…why aren’t more of us giving GOD ALL THE CREDIT?

Father, forgive me for all the millions upon millions of times i took the credit. Father show me Your Wonder. That it is You God Alone that does All things, Creates All Things. Lead me JESUS on to the path of Obedience. Jesus STRENGTHEN me.
It is written JESUS LEARNED OBEDIENCE THROUGH HIS SUFFERING. Father may i run the Good race preserving to the end and seek to win for Your Glory ALONE

getting a new house

i don’t think this needs said.  but i feel it pressed on my heart to say.  That we have no money, and no idea where we are going to live IF the house will sell.    i only know that i am to step out in faith believing God will lead and provide ALL that we need.

He is showing me this by teaching me to lean on Him to get house in order, take care of mom,  take care of roommate.

All that i am doing is of His Grace.  The flesh in me would love to lay around and take advantage of not working.   By God’s Grace i am empowered to make calls, clean, pack, pick truck up from shop, pack mom’s house.   i do NONE of it.  God does it all through my hands.   Hands that i would not even have had He choose not to have me born with them.

i can take no credit for anything i do.

like  i said satan is tricky.  tries to get me to see how much i have to do/am doing and what others are doing/not doing.     God is doing it all!    Yeah Jesus   Be Glorified.

This is how God is showing me to take every thought CAPTIVE UNDER JESUS.

When satan attacks with pride or shame or whatever.  i attack using the Sword of His Word.

i do nothing apart from Christ that dwells within me.   i can do all things with Christ who strengthens me.

Christ Jesus does all the work.  my body is just His vessel.

Praise You Father Praise You.  Thank You for the Privilege to be used by You.