Service unto God or self

God be Glorified.

We are all called to ministry.  The ministry of love, kindness, and compassion for our fellow man.

Before i start i have to say Thank You Jesus for this lovely Memorial day, for the men and woman and families that sacrifice their lives daily so that we may have the joy of resting in freedom.

These past couple of months have been the most interesting of all.  God is taking me on a journey from self to others.   As He has been doing this i am learning what it is like for leaders in the church.  You start by hearing the call. How, by Resting in His Word. Getting to know the Creator and His ways.  Then you see all that needs done and think to yourself i have to do something.  You go and do something, and do some more and do some more. Till your warn out and begging God for a day off.  We forget about the Rest. That it was in the Rest, that we could even see beyond ourselves and our needs.    i’m learning that if i rest in Him, He will direct my paths.  For even in the doing He has shown me not all i do He asked of me.

See i’ve been Blessed with a restored relationship with my mom.  So there is one person right there in whom i can minister Love , Kindness and Compassion too.  Seeking to understand her and her needs. As well as others The Lord has placed in my path.  In my zeal to help, and no longer be selfish and self centered, i for got that it is better to love fully then to do, just for the sake of doing.  Even if you are truly doing for others with good intentions.

i’m learning that the Whole body working together gets far more accomplished then just one person working alone.  That if i seek The Lord to serve those He has given me then my time will be filled with them and i don’t need to look in EVERY CORNER to find where i can help.  Isn’t it the ones closest to us that need us the most?

In His Mercy God gives us reprieves.  Oh Thank You Father.  It is in these reprieves that He tells me, ” listen it’s not your job to help every human being on the plant.   It is your job to Love ME, and those i have given you.  It’s not you doing any of it anyway.  It’s ME Working through you.”

Father may our lives be pleasing to you, may all we do, we do in Love for the Glory  of Jesus Name and The Exalting of Your Kingdom.



Father God Jesus and Holy Spirit Be Glorified.

one of my neighbors just walked by.  Not only did it change my though but confirmed my reason for posting.  Wait i must go to him i for got his name.  Bob, but i heard and saw Jesus, (The Father).  wow it is Beautiful out.

so here i have been for awhile with God. working, seems more like Smiling and worshiping Him.  His Kindness so overwhelmed me after i spoke with Bob, that i had to lay before The Father and just let Him receive what little Thanksgiving i offered in utter Gratitude for His Kindness to me.

Back to the garden.  He just wanted me to Thank someone so, you know me had to share How Great and Merciful our God is.

God’s Day

Let me start with my mind is racing with so much Good news. i need to start off with this.
Father Forgive my sins, Teach me Your ways, make me willing to Obey You. Be Glorified through these words i type (You type)

If you walked past our house 10 mins ago you would have seen me pulling weeds, possible heard me audibly talking with God.

While i was down pulling weeds i thought. If i told my roommate i pulled weeds today he would see the evidence of that in the yard. If i told my roommate God did it. He wouldn’t believe that God Himself came down to earth to weed our yard.
Yet here i am trying to tell you that God did come down to earth in Spirit Form and weed our garden.

Why do we believe man infinite man does anything? Man found cure, man went to moon…. yet if we give God ALL THE CREDIT we aren’t believed.
it is written God wants our thanksgiving. Isn’t it God that gives us breathe to breathe, Minds to create, Hands to build.
So yes is what i say. God did weed our garden, IT IS WRITTEN WE ARE TO BE HIS HANDS AND FEET.

We Christians will give God (HOLY SPIRIT) the credit for when we do missionary work , give a prophetic word…why aren’t more of us giving GOD ALL THE CREDIT?

Father, forgive me for all the millions upon millions of times i took the credit. Father show me Your Wonder. That it is You God Alone that does All things, Creates All Things. Lead me JESUS on to the path of Obedience. Jesus STRENGTHEN me.
It is written JESUS LEARNED OBEDIENCE THROUGH HIS SUFFERING. Father may i run the Good race preserving to the end and seek to win for Your Glory ALONE

What i think God wants from me

it’s not about big things or great things.  It’s about what you do with what is in front of you.  If it’s prayer, encouragement, service, or acts of love which all these are.

This is what i think God wants from me.  To seek Him always in all i do.  In doing that He tells us what’s next.  Pray this, help that person, don’t let that bother you.  See Me in the situation don’t react to it out of hurt respond in love.  Listen to what their heart is saying.  See if it is your healing or theirs I am trying to address.

This is how i am coming into discipleship.  Walk in moment by moment with God.  Resting in God.  Sometimes in awe of His creation and beauty, sometimes weeping over His Grace, mercy, and or Blessing’s in my life.  Sometimes singing His praises.  Always looking for more revelation of who He is.  Where He is to be found in what i’m doing who i’m talking to.  Asking  Him to use me to bring Glory to His Holy Name.

Tonight while scooping the cat litter.  i was singing His praises.  God blessed me with telling me i am His friend.  Friend’s spend time together, get to know each other, do all things together.  Does life get any better than being friends with The One True Living God.

This is how God is showing me not to worry or fret about anything.  He’s in control got this.  As not only His child but friend He will always take care of me, have my back,

May all who read know the Joy of being best friends with God.

Advice for peace

My roommate was telling me how he has all these people in his life that he has to share time with.  That till he gets to them all he only has 3% left and they require 12%.

i said “rest can only be found in God”. remember i said God gives us reprieves 1 minute or 1 hour but always reprieves.  if we seek Him in those brief moments He not only gives us rest but 100% to give to all He puts in your path.”

i share this because we all can feel there isn’t enough time in the day.  i am learning to seek God in all things in all times.  Through this i am finding i am getting things done that i never even thought to put on list let alone doing it with Praises to God on my lips.

God is showing me the more we ask the more we receive.  We only have to believe He is and ask.

Think about this please.  We will spend all of eternity hanging out with God and NEVER KNOW ALL HE IS.   That’s huge.  We like to limit Him, box Him up in pretty packages.  God is so much more.  The more you seek the more you want.  The more the things of this world matter less.

Father give us hearts to seek You in all things.  Pour out Your Spirit on Your children.  May we know You wish to give us  peace now not after we’re are dead.

We could not handle all God see’s and feels

i asked God for His heart for His children.  He has been answering that Prayer.  Today i had a taste of the pain not only His children feel but He feels for His children.

i honestly have no idea how He does it.  i have never had so much empathy for another human being in my life.  i am emotionally exhausted.   i meet someone today who has been abused since before they were 8 yrs old.   Continually they have had to face the rough part of this world.  All i knew to say was keep seeking God.  Their response was “I don’t see how God would allow such things”.   My heart broke, i had to surrender it to God and trust He will lead them as He did all who believe in Him.

See satan has gotten them to the place where they are so wounded to reach out to God, in fear it would hurt too much.  While God is waiting on them to seek God’s help they are waiting on God.

i feel i see the problem, but who am i?  God will not force Himself on anyone.  He will graciously use life’s pain to get you to the place where you say uncle I can’t do it anymore.  God has shown me that while we wish for an easy life, that is not always best for us.  God so wants a relationship with us.  He will use the pain in our life to draw us nearer to Him.

How do you explain that to someone in soooo much pain?

God showed me today that while we may want to help others if we do not rely on Him, seek what He wants for the situation WE WILL cause further damage.  All i wanted  was to just rescue the person.  i had to release it to God.  Pray that my prayers for them play a part in their healing process.  We can’t rescue everyone, when we try we only mess things up more.  Even when our hearts are in the right place we MUST surrender it to God.

i am finding that following Jesus is the hardest thing i have and will ever do.

God is saying to me now “I am showing you how to hate the sin and love the sinner”.

Father this prayer is for this person your precious child.  Father place people in their life that will show them Father God’s love for them.  put a hedge of protection around them and their children.  Keep them from the enemy.  Do not let their heart get so hardened by this world.  Give them the heart of surrender.  Place in them a desire to seek You, and this Awesome Love they hear about.  Jesus meet them as You did me broken on the floor crying out to You.  Comfort them as only You can.

On a selfish note Father prepare me for serving You in this way.  Ready my heart Lord.  Teach me to Love as You love, not letting what i think/feel get in Your way.

In the words of our Lord and Savior “do not take them from this world but keep them from the enemy”.

Be Gloried Father.

P.S on the drive home i realized how self absorbed i have been all my life now that i have seen a taste of the pain that surrounds me.  May this only lead to a more God serving life, more gratitude for my salvation.

Broken and contrite heart

As i sat with my roommate listening to him tell me i am running and rebellious.  i asked God to open my ears to what it was He wanted me to hear.  my roommate told me i need to seek help ask people, summit.  i told him i have, i am, that i am seeking God with all my being.    as he keep going on and on  telling me all i was to do. I felt more and more lost. begging God to get him to understand i want to do the things he asks of me.  i believe i am, and that it is only God that brings about change in ones heart.

i could not understand how i was agreeing with him and yet he kept telling more of what to do.  Not understanding that i was doing what he was advising me to do.

i got frustrated and cried out to God please God please.

see i saw in my roommate how strong a hold satans lye “of we can do we can do”  is.   my roommate wanted me to do something about this addiction i have.  can’t he see i can’t. that is why i listened to God last nite, and confessed to him, and  sought his help .  i was doing everything my roommate asked of me but he wasn’t getting it.  thus led to the revelation that he has not come to the place that the Lord is taking me.  I CAN DO NOTHING APART FROM HIM.

Thus led to the bathroom incident.  as he told me “make the choice we have choice”  i said “show me scripture where we can do apart from God”.

having felt misunderstood i cried out to God.

Here is how God turned things around.  The Holy Spirit feel in that bathroom it was undeniable.  my roommate felt it and left me to be in the presence of God.

no bitterness just love

i am writing because it was just revealed to me that it is written “God choose us”  not we choose Him.

so now i sit here writing my life story and seeing God answer my prayer “may my roommate and i bring Glory to Your Holy Name Lord”

i believe God will use all that i am writing to speak to someone.

In that lies our Hope.   which by the way is what i said to my husband when he said” God will not leave you ”

so those who are experiencing bondage, and strongholds in your life know God will not forsake and leave you.  He will show up no matter how ugly your situation appears.

God i wish i could give this hope to my best friend.  May you Father show up in her life and give her the Hope You have given to me.  May i love her as you do, bringing the love of the Father to her through me.  in Jesus Holy Name i ask