Father God Jesus and Holy Spirit Be Glorified.

one of my neighbors just walked by.  Not only did it change my though but confirmed my reason for posting.  Wait i must go to him i for got his name.  Bob, but i heard and saw Jesus, (The Father).  wow it is Beautiful out.

so here i have been for awhile with God. working, seems more like Smiling and worshiping Him.  His Kindness so overwhelmed me after i spoke with Bob, that i had to lay before The Father and just let Him receive what little Thanksgiving i offered in utter Gratitude for His Kindness to me.

Back to the garden.  He just wanted me to Thank someone so, you know me had to share How Great and Merciful our God is.


Gift From our Father Through our KING JESUS CHRIST

Father Be Glorified

Thank You Father God for the sun, a Beautiful day, waking me.  Thank You, You that You want to spend time with me

Thank You for the revelation and Prayer and All Provision.

meeting someone’s basic needs-

define basic- for even the world tells us that can be defined individually.

Feed,Watered (His Word)  being heard (acknowledged known by name)  touched (experience)  Sheltered (COVERED by HIS WING, BLOOD) freedom of expression (goals, desires, living for)

Father God STEPS IT UP A KNOTCH. He Delights our hearts. The sun, Flowers, Love, laughter, what i call Eternal memories. Heaven on earth.  Music, dance, All Gifts From God our Father to God our Father.

All received by Jesus Perfect Sacrifice.

Think on that.  Who among you would lay down their child (God) life (Jesus) for sinful people who don’t even want to spend time with you. i hear ” I want your Thanksgiving,so when you are in need, I can rescue you and you shall bring Me Glory” Psalm 50 i believe

O the Love of our Father and our Lord.

His Blessings Overflow

The earth and all that is in it Declare His Glory and Goodness.

Habakkuk 2:14

for the earth will be filled

With the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord,

As the waters cover the sea.

Gods UnFailing Love.

i was just listening to Graham Cooke in truck on way home from mom’s.  He said ” God doesn’t test us to fail us. He tests us to deepen our Faith”.  This got me thinking.

i was just at mom’s house and as you can see not for long.  She likes to yell at me.  As i was at the door i heard ” it is easy to show love to those who love you”  my flesh wanted to leave, The Spirit said “Seek God for strength.”  Well my flesh won.  This is why i prayed that prayer on warring flesh, a post or two ago.

My mom apologized for yelling, and i said  “that’s ok i am going to live with you i better get use to it”.   Hum just realized wrong answer.  Forgive me Lord for i should speak life not death.

Now that i heard what Graham said i see the yelling of mom as testing.  How can God show He will give what is needed for situation if we do not ask Him and yield to His saying “seek God for strength to love those that aren’t so nice and friendly to you?

Father Prepare my heart to love my mother.  To honor her above myself.  i look at all that You could accomplish through our living together, but i am not helping in preparing the way.  i must look to only You Lord, and Pray as You told me to.  The preparing and reading of our hearts to move in together.

Loving someone i keep finding out is one of the hardest things to do.  i think that is why God has it as First and only True commandment.   Love God love others.   WE CAN’T WITHOUT GOD.   God knows this, and wants us to come to Him.  Wants us to Bless others with the Love He gives us.  i know for myself that if i do not seek God when with my mom, or others for that matter.  We both wind up feeling, not so  good about the visit.  When we know, that we know ,that we can’t do something.  Then we ask for help from one who does know.  This is humbling.  God Exalts the humble.

i want to bring Honor and Glory to You Lord.  Use me to show Your Love to her.  Strengthen me..

i just was  given a glimpse of why Jesus didn’t struggle as much as us with sin.  When you are loving people exalting them above yourself,  you have no time to get in trouble.  Thank You Jesus for showing us the Way, Truth, and Life.  Teach me to Love as You Loved.  Teach me to pick up my cross and carry it daily in Loving You.  May i not boast in my riches but rather in all my weakness’.  May i have them ever before me.  To Exalt You Lord.  Father may i have Wisdom to understand.

www.paid4u.TV  Father may we all reap greater harvests than this movie did. (multi-millions of people see)   We may not look at Mel Gibson and judge or condemn.  Father You Provided the money and creativity to bring forth Your message of Salvation and LOVE FOR MANKIND. Using modern-day media and Mel Gibson.   Praise God He is Worthy.

Wrap your brain around this one, i dare you

How do you wrap your brain around this?

i was setting things up to come outside to blog.   i had to get the one cat in, so i went back inside house.  As i was straightening up i was Thanking God not only for what had just happened, but for strength to straighten up house.  i was also thinking i wish i wasn’t down to two cigarettes i wish i could find a pack somewhere.

i lift a plastic bag off the kitchen table and an unopened pack falls out. i said to myself how do you wrap your brain around that?  Is it me???? or did God just grant me a wish.  i mean i asked for cigarettes.  That seems unlikely right?  i was so happy at what had just happened that, to be blessed beyond what i ever thought,  Was too much for me to conceive.

So here i am two full cigarettes lite at once.  Not understanding how God could want to use me?

i am sending this post out as a cry for the word God gave me, to be for-filled.  ” God is reading the harvest,  Return to your First love.  God wants to be your First Love”

i am going to share with you an e-mail i sent someone at church.  For ease of writing i will use names.  Don’t try to figure out who for i am, for i’m to remain anonymous.

Blessings my dear Sara i was reading a prayer e-mail for Melanie.  One of the things she may be doing in Thailand is visiting girls from sex trade.  i wanted to share with you what i felt pressed on my heart.

1.  If they (girls) are in America and they ARE

They are here.  they need homes.

2.  If they live in other countries

Could we provide that safe place here in USA??????  or there?

i also felt the verse ” the harvest is ready the workers are few.  Will you say we have time, harvest isn’t for 4 months?….Pray that there be workers.”

Jesus is Good!   Thank You Father for Your Son to show us the way.  Thank You Jesus for revealing Yourself.   “I do not pray that You take them out of this world.  But that You keep them from the enemy.”   Thank You Jesus for Praying  that for us.  God is Protector.  We need to receive this.  Know this.  Seek this.

Sorry Sara God is showing me things so i am typing them out.

Would you tell me what you feel?  If this moves you at all?  i was thinking if the Lord Provides larger housing for mom and another girl or two.  i would be honored to pass on the Love given me.  Can’t say i think i am good at that.  But that is what reliance on the Lord is all about for me.

Have a blessed weekend. and Shalom and JEHOVAH JIRAH

So here i am  water mister on. ( had to get that out), beautiful day, laptop and wanting to serve God with all these Blessings.  i hear go Love your mother.  So i will share more on this post next time.  For there is so much to explore on this subject.  i must do as told.  Blessings to all.

Father may Your Word reap a harvest for Your Kingdom.

How can i? i often ask this./ chisel me Lord


this skit really puts it into perspective! check out this version. Father may we throw off all we run to, to ease our pain in life. relationships, booze/drugs, beauty,suicide.

Talk about tearjerkers.   Father my i endure the pain of you chiseling me.  may we be the masterpieces  you created us to be.

for those that like good remakes

Romans 8

Absolutely there is no condemnation in those that dwell in Christ Jesus.

Where i get frustrated is that we take this verse and use it to justify ourselves.   God wants Thankful hearts.  He wants us to be so Grateful that we are made right in His eyes.  We are to see this Holy Scripture and say Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus that You not only gave up Your rights, You so rightly deserve.  But came to this earth never throwing Your Rightful weight around.  Letting others mock You, beat You, Crucify You.  You did this for us.  Sinful self-serving us.   How can i show gratitude to You Lord?

i am one of those Christians that drives people nuts!  For i never say, nor do i ever want to say ” i believe in Jesus i am going to heaven.”  This i personally feel contradicts many of Scripture. (search the Scriptures for yourself)  Want i want is a pure heart, a Thankful heart.  i want to serve Him not knowing if i’ll get in.  This is where i think faith meets the rubber. ( sort of speak, rubber meets the road).  i want to serve Him for all He has already given me.  To much to ever count.

Why do we wait for heaven when the One we profess to believe in tells us.  PRAY THAT GODS WILL, WILL BE DONE ON EARTH.     We wait and wait.   My personal opinion, God is waiting on us.

We take Romans 8,10 and use it to become prideful.  We know/ have something others don’t.   Is it me or is this not TOTALLY CONTRADICTORY OF SCRIPTURE?   God wants NONE TO PERISH.

Lets take a closer look at ” many will come to me and say I prophesied in your name, healed others in Your Name.  He will say I NEVER knew you”.   WHY?   i feel it is cause we did these things not in gratitude but for self-serving reasons.  So others will look at us and think we are all that.   Good news is if i’m wrong God is Judge in the end.  so i am ok with being wrong.  i am also ok with seeking to have a pure heart, and gratitude without the insurance of a free ticket to heaven.

Father forgive me if i said anything contradictory to Your Holy Word.  If i did not, please pour out Your Spirit and resonate this in Your children’s hearts.  Father crush any pride in my heart.  Humble me Lord, that i may Glorify You and You  Alone.

was going to add Scripture but felt i would only be using it to justify my case and that would be no different then what i am complaining about.  Search for yourself Jesus tells us.

Jesus is the Way Truth and Life no one comes to the Father except though Him. Period case closed

Matthew 5-7

i am listening to my new blessing, a free I phone.  That way i have bible always not just at home.   Well Matthew 5-7 just played and all i can come up with except for AMEN!   Is Jesus makes it as simple as possible.  If you read these chapters, asking God to reveal what they say.   You can save yourself, and everyone else  a lot of problems, drama, and heartache.

Father may Your Word be heard and understood.