Father i want to love as You Love.  i can not apart from You, love.  i do not seek to be exalted but to love sacrificially.   Serving others not seeking to be served.  To be last,  overlooked.   Not seeking that any see me but only Christ that dwells within me.  i want to come to You always.  Not relying on my own words but seeking what You may Say.  For Only Your Words Promise a Harvest. 

Father You have Blessed me so much.  You are faithful to Bless those that bless others.   Father i want a heart that does not seek the Blessings but rather that all look to You.  Father Your Goodness is so Great that in my wishing to avoid  all earthly blessings, You Bless beyond what we can perceive,   Father Bless me to always see the Blessing, regardless how others/i perceive it as ugly.   Do not let me take my eyes off You God.  May i always know the privilege of serving just one of Your children.  For all are loved in Your Eyes.   May i only know the Fear of the Lord no other fear.

Father Thank You for such a wonderful dog.  Thank You for granting me the desires of my heart, beyond what i even dared to ask for. Thank You for showing me the Spirit does dwell in this house, and within us.  That peace can be among the animals so Peace can be among us.  Thank You for Protection of our marriage, family, friends, home, cars, animals.  All that You gave us to take care of.    Thank You for The Holy Spirit that leads me in All Truth and will Never leave nor forsake me.   Thank You for Hope that You give.

Father i ask for quick sale.  Blessings on new home,  and above all the heart to Love as You Love.  May i serve You in all i do.  With all i have been given.


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