Another cat lesson


i was inside feeling very discontent.  i felt a post coming and grabed my stuff to enjoy the nice weather and write a letter to God. Telling Him how unhappy i am when i don’t wear His Yoke around my neck. Life becomes overwhelming and i feel so ??? As i have my hands full and proceed to my normal sitting spot i am stopped dead in my tracks by a baby Robin perched on a bucket behind where i sit. Is God good or what! i was gonna leave the I phone in-house to charge but Holy Spirit said bring it outside. So i got the picture. If that doesn’t make you think God loves me? Then maybe this will. My Girl bird catcher is right behind me. She is eating fresh grown catnip. (another Blessing from God came with the yard) i look at her and think don’t go near that bird. She walks to me stops, looks at the bird, then walks past me and sits 2 feet from bird just doin her thing. (she is under the table) i am amazed at this. Seeing God’s Blessings in it all… The I will not let the cat attack. I will show you harmony. I will Bless you. If you seek Me you will find Me.
Well i gotta get this out. i call friend first no answer. Then hubby picks up. With all the bad news i gave him today. It was nice to have a Blessing for him. i share the story and God speaks through my husband with words of  Wisdom. “don’t let things get you excited. Just cause it is there (see it) doesn’t mean you have to get excited. Just like patches saw the bird and didn’t get excited. Just cause she saw the bird doesn’t mean she had to do something about it. she rested”
God is now using Patches to share Himself with my husband. This cat of mine has been used by God more times than i can count. To show me Rest in God. As you love the cat I love you More, as you want to protect the cat I want More for you. on and on the list goes. True heartfelt life lessons on who God is for me.
So here i am what can i say…hum just had revealed the story in the bible where God used a donkey to speak to a guy. We read it as the donkey verbally spoke to man. maybe he did. But Patches didn’t have to say a word and God CLEARLY SPOKE THROUGH HER TO ME.
Father there was a time i never even thought where’s God? Went day after day year after year without any seeking of You in things. Now Thank You Father for answering my prayer ” may i see Your Light, be filled with Your Light, grow towards Your Light”. Father You have become like a drug to me. i am very aware when i am not yoked with You. i take on things that are not mine. i try to control that which i have no control. As you pointed out in N.Y i have no Peace. Father i want Your Peace. i want to totally trust You for All Things. Seek Your Guidance, Discipline,and Ways. i do not want to compartmentalized You. i want the words we sing every Sunday to be on my lips and in my heart at All Times. i do not like me apart from You. i get nasty when not at ease, judgmental, controlling, anxious, worry-some. Father as i have asked before take All of me. i want no say in the matter. i know that i know that i know Your way is the gentil, Peaceful way


One thought on “Another cat lesson

  1. Marcus Welby the plants have flowers now. bees all in them. i thought of you. God protects. heck one flew on my finger and i didn’t know it at first. Trust in God don’t fear mere bee. notice i have a little garden tightly around where it sit? i say we belong in the Garden!

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