Do you really think He wants that???

This will be short and sweet.  Last night i was up watching  a news show that aired a segment on a church in the Midwest that has every kind of picket sign man can make.  The name of the church was god hates America, really i am not lying.  Notice i didn’t Capitalize god in the title?   Why because they do not follow the True God.  God does not preach hate!

Well everyday these people and their children stand on some corner (before school) and hold signs saying  god hates fags.  Really????  i don’t know about you but, i think God is cringing on His throne that His children are preaching hate in His Name.  Did God hate us into repentance or Bless us?  Wouldn’t God be more pleased with us loving others?  Isn’t that what Jesus taught?  Listen i can’t throw any stones last time i checked i was a sinner.   Why can’t we go to God about our own sins, verses looking at others?

Father i thank You for loving me through this week.   i Thank You that You do not ask us to Judge but to Love.  i Thank You for not Judging me but LOVING ME.  Father i ask that You make me blind to others sin.  That i only show love not condemnation to your Children.  Father Thank You for the warnings  in Scripture.  That they are for us to learn from not condemn with.

he who is without sin cast the first stone…..Our Savior said.

Sorry maybe this post won’t be short.  Ok read the Bible.  It says lying is an abomination to God.  Why aren’t we condemning all who lie???  i read the Bible and was in shock of how many things are an abomination to God.  i was guilty of them all.   So why do we pick on homosexuality as the only one???

Isaiah 55:10-11


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