romans 5

just re-reading some old ones to learn again

my God's Grace

if you read or listen to Romans 5 and on, you will clearly see the justice of God.  Jesus was so right that your hometown will not receive you. why do we see and do miracles in other countries?

if we are filled with the Holy Spirit where Do we preach/teach under rules and regulation?  we are so bound.  i could step out and go to the market place or city center. Would they listen there or would i be arrested for proclaiming the gospel of Christ Jesus? God i want to do your work, should i go to the town square OR follow protocol and wait my turn of authority?  Aren’t we given all authority.  So long as with a humble heart to serve You, we have all authority. We don’t want to offend elders (of church) either. so many dynamics.  i am to remain in Him!  As i…

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