How it applies today.

i asked Jesus to reveal Himself to me.  For i feel i know so little about my Savior.

He took me to the New Testament.  He then would put Scripture in my mind when things would happen to me.   Like my mom would ask for something,  i normally would judge her.  Now i see if someone asks for something give it to them.  Not say to yourself she don’t need that, she wants everything see she’s.   No, just give it.

Or love those that hate you.  When my hubby does something i deem hateful, i am not to say forget that he can make his own dinner.  No, i am to ask God to Bless this meal, make it Nourishment to his soul.  Wow never did that.  Always just made the meal and Thanked God for not being hateful back.  Thank You God for that idea.

The guy that cuts you off.  Jesus would say Pray they are safe.

Or the book i lent to someone i will never see again.  Jesus says it wasn’t yours it came from me.  Now I want them to have it.  Better to give than receive.

When someone i am not overly fond of comes my way.  i usually would avoid them, or make conversation short.  Jesus says “love them, Greet them as if they are your best friend.  Make them to feel loved.  Listen to what they need and then pray for it”.

The money my husband lent never to see back again.  Wow i remember that one.  Jesus took me to Luke 6:34, and the verse where the king forgave the million$ debt, only to have that guy not forgive a $2 debt.   Jesus then  said to me “it wasn’t your money, how much do you owe people”?  That stung at first, but then i realized there are people who i not only owe money to, but so much more.

The jacket you’re wearing when it is chilly out.  You really need it but, someone says to you i’m cold.  Jesus had me see “i had that to give, make your requests known (they are)”.   Would i give it and be cold myself?

See human wisdom can not understand Scripture.  We think because since we know how to read and write we can understand.  God’s Word says that is not the case.  God has to reveal to you that which He says.   Heck we can’t even understand each other sometimes.

We don’t live in Roman times, or know that which Egypt did to its slaves.  We can know how that speaks to our current situation though.   Only When God shows it to us.    God is past, present, and future.  So is His word.       To look at Scripture thinking it only applied to those times is foolishness.  i only know this because God revealed it to me.  Before i would read Bible and think what are they talking about?  How did the Wise men know where the star was?  How could Abraham get his son on that altar?  Do i really give them the other check?   So on and so forth.  Now i see God  told the wise men where to go.   Abraham knew this life is temporal and God would give More than he was sacrificing.  The other check you give is when they insult you, you be kind right back, knowing they may insult you again.   Phil 2:14   You complain about nothing, because you know that EVERYTHING YOU NEED  will be given you.

This is my relationship with God and now Jesus.  i have had  it revealed to me that, me being able to see and hear all this is the  HOLY SPIRIT.  That which Jesus promised the Father would give us upon His departure.  So as i grow in All of God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) my eyes open wider and life becomes easier.

i do believe that since we do not live in a world where Scripture is spoken in everyday life.  It is IMPARITIVE THAT you read IT ( The Holy Bible).  Not only is it LIFE ABUNDANTLY, but it is the only way to know GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT.    We ask to live in heaven for all eternity, yet we do not seek to know Whom we will be spending it with.  Who Created it.

Father You AMAZE ME!   You gave me a blog to talk all i want and yet You use it to teach me More of You.  AWESOME i TELL YOU AWESOME.  Thank You God and Jesus for answering my prayer may i know You more.  May  i ask that You reveal why i smoke and make me stop all together?

My heart truly can not understand how you use my sin to Glorify Your Holy Name??????????? Father is this self-deception??????????


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