Summer Nights

isn’t it nice in the summer?  Nice weather, the stillness of night.

Oh how i long for them in winter.  My heart leaps at first sign of spring.

This summer is taking on a whole new meaning for me though.

i can remember summers of jumping off the roof at midnight to go hang out with friends.  Long walks through the neighborhood.   i even remember whole summers of depression on the couch.

This year it is writing blogs.   Staying outside till the Lord calls me in.

When i look at it that way, it makes me wonder what i will be doing summers from now?

i always wanted to do missionary work.  That happened without ever believing it would.  i wanted to skydive.  That too was an impossible request in my eyes.  So was going to the Caribbean.

So where will i be.   Where do i want to be?

My flesh wants to be in Florida listening to waves crash, watching my cats play on beach.  My Spirit wants to be doing something Great for God’s Kingdom,  Preferably in Africa.

Father i pray i look back at this summer not with remorse but with Joy in my heart.  Knowing i spent it mostly with You.  Praying that it somehow gives Glory to You and furthers Your Kingdom.


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