God is not our earthly dad’s God is the CREATOR OF LOVE. EVRYTHING FROM HIM STEMS FROM LOVE

Cindy Livingstone Ministries® Revivalist

The Heavens are open and the ages are crying out to its leaders “As was once in the days of past…….. Is still possible in this slumbering apathetic world!!! ARISE…. ARISE!!!”    A new generation of Generals are being birthed into activation to be the “Empowering Voice of the Lord” to revolutionize this secular humanism; self-evolving, individualistic society.  We who are fully awakened in the Spirit of Christ are the hope for this desperately comfortably numb generation.  We are visionaries filled with a heart of passion; who crave for the Kingdom of our Lord’s virtue and morality to reign in this discombobulated world. There is a great need to restore to order the simplicity of Love and the embodiment of unity amongst the State and God’s Kingdom. The spirit of this age is losing power over the veiled people of its nations and the Radically Simplistic message of Love will reform…

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