just a phone conversation i had with a friend.

i was on the phone today with a friend.  We were talking about how we were raised.  The yelling, screaming, the why did you tell your father that?   How that teaches you to lie.  Feeling like you are the cause of all the yelling in the house.  The walking on eggshells, never knowing if you set someone off.   i tell her with examples like this.  You can see how hard a time God had trying to show me He is Graceful, Lovingness, and Kind.

As she begins to share how she/girlfriend raises their daughter.   How her daughter responses to her and her girlfriend.  i hear God tell me  This is my  heart for my children.  I do not scold my children into repentance I love them there.  i  hear the wisdom behind their child that seeks to bring happiness to her parents.  That this 7-year-old child holds the keys.  To love and want to honor, and not disappoint her parents.  The Joy of a parent that delights in their  child.   The parent that does not seek to harm or belittle their child.   i see how God is working in their lives to show His love for His children.   i see this as His heart.   Not the theology but the LOVE Expressed.

i tell my friend what an Honor and Privilege she has to know that Mother Heart of God.  For who else but a parent can experience the Joy of children then a parent.   Wow i hear God say maybe i am not showing her that God loves her, maybe He is using her to show me that side of Him  that i can not fully understand myself.  For i do not have the Blessing of children.  (though He has used my cats to teach me a thing or two)   i know God used her to show me “come to me like the little children do”  Faith that I/God will never leave you nor forsake you.  Just as their daughter believes of her parents.

i tell this to my roommate and say i will not judge that which Is Only God’s to Judge.  i will Rejoice in seeing Father God work in and through their lives.  Thanking Him for all the lessons He teaches me through my friendship with them.

So there i guess i do have an opinion on the subject of gays.  my opinion is i will not judge, IT IS NOT MY JOB.   i will only seek to show the LOVE GOD SHOWS ME EVERYDAY.

Father may i be a disciple of  Your/Jesus’ Love.  For as YOUR SON said: I did not come into the world to judge but to SAVE.  Not to be SERVED but to SERVE.   Father may i have this heart. Father i ask that You show more and more of Your self to them.  That they may experience the Joy of calling YOU GOD FRIEND

Isaiah 55:10-11


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