Un-forgiveness in which i am the guiltest!!!!!

un-forgiveness  i am now seeing as the Root of all evil.  Like Pride it EXALTS YOU ABOVE THE LORD.  To not forgive is to say doesn’t matter that God gave His son, or that Jesus endured all that for ALL.   Un-forgiveness says who are you, as long as your happy who cares about me,?  It’s that song ” What about me?…..  it isn’t fair , i had enough now i want my share can’t you see it isn’t fair,  you take, more than you give”.

Goes back to what are you looking at?  God or others, or yourself.

This is what happens to me when i look at me or someone else.  i either think, that would be nice to have, or why don’t i have that?  Then the festering thoughts start to creep in.  Why do they get it and not me?  Why don’t someone see i deserve it?  Who the heck do they think they are?…..

God has done i think a Fabulous job of showing me where and when i think like this.  When it comes to those closest to us.   Well there lies my biggest stronghold of un-forgiveness.   i mean not only do they see my worst i see theirs.   Just as it hurts me for them to only see my bad points and not my good ones.  So to does it hurt them when all i focus/see is their wrong doing as i judge it to be.

There is that word Judge again.  Hum seems like you only un-forgive when you place Judgment on someone/thing.

Wait a minute.  Who am i to do such a thing.   Did i create the Universe.  Did i even keep the child i had, let alone gave it up as a sacrifice?   Did i Speak, birds, butterflies, cats, dogs, lions, elephants, and All that is Seen and Unseen into existence? ??

Since we ALL know i did not.  Then WHAT RIGHT DO i HAVE TO JUDGE????????

Wait a minute JESUS  HAS that right.  He gave it up to Show Love while here on earth.


i think above all.  The cursing when mad, smoking, not speaking life, whatever is my sin.   God wants to deal with my UN-FORGIVENESS FIRST.

How can i ever have that which i ask for?  Psalms 27:4, 51:10, 55:16  if  i am exalting myself above God?

Wait don’t we Only ask things of people who can supply that which we ask for?????????????????   You wouldn’t ask a butcher for a head gasket for your car engine, would you?

Father Thank You for answered Prayer of “i want to talk about what’s in my heart with You”.  Thank You for pointing this out in me.  Thank You for so Graciously, Mercifully, and Lovingly Pointing out where i place myself above you.  Father may i have eyes to see/look at ONLY YOU.    May i have the heart that exalts others above myself.   The Heart of JESUS MY LORD AND SAVIOR.   Thank You Father that You will create the Clean and Pure heart i seek in me.   Father grow me more in LOVE with YOU.  May Your Laws be written on my heart.  Your ways ever before me.  May i walk only in Your Paths.   Be a light unto my feet.


One thought on “Un-forgiveness in which i am the guiltest!!!!!

  1. i sent this post to my best friend. Who was on the phone with me before i typed this. i was feeling un-easy. Told her what song was playing in my head, and that i had to work it out.
    (Father forgive me for not saying talk to You about it)
    The text i sent her goes as followed, i asked the Lord if i could talk to Him about what i was feeling in my heart. For Him to show me what it is i am feeling. i sent you a post of that conversation as i was having it with Him. i learned as i typed what He said. Be Blessed

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