What do you listen to????

Children hear what you as parents listen to.  So what ever we hear all the time will be what plays in our head.  Change what you listen to and you will have something different playing in your head.

i think God wants us to hear His Words Spoken.  So that is what we hear, and then speak of .

we usually think about things we hear or see all the time.

Change what you look at and listen to

and you change how you see and hear things.

i hear God saying ” Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  How will they know if we don’t tell them?

sidebar–  instead of preaching at people telling them what is wrong with them, this world, job,  pointing out sin, the Holy Spirit is very capable of doing This on His own.   ….. lets Speak God’s Living Words over their lives.  That is how they will come to know HIM.  Declare His Goodness to You.  He is soo Good.  His Word says so!!!!!

Father Thank You for pointing out i fail at this.  Father Speak Your Words that i may hear them.  Give me ears to hear and mouth to speak them ALWAYS.  May i never have a famine of Your Living Word.


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