this one might be just for me??

i  was looking for “my prophetic word from God and was lead to 55  as i was reading God pointed out i had asked for Him to make me throw up if i ever smoked pot again, to totally hate it.  Not only did that happen the first two times i had it after years of being clean.   God just now showed me He answered that prayer, i prayed over a year ago.  (i can tell you about answered prayer you wouldn’t believe.  this is nothing)  Try having your body shape altered and being totally at peace with it.  Being that you asked for alteration.

i was looking up my Prophetic Word because He showed me that when we speak Scripture to each other we are giving Words From God  to them, about them, over their lives..   People call it being prophetic.  God says test every word against scripture.  Well i find that His Words work best when giving someone a Prophetic Word.   ( the foolish world uses horoscopes for theirs)    i just say what, i hear.  Sometimes it isn’t scripture, yet encouraging none the less.

Graham says find your own Prophetic Word from God yourself.   i Open up bible, go to Psalms to grab a Promise/Prophetic Word from God.  So looking for my favorites 27:4 ” the one thing i ask of the lord the one thing i desire most of all is to dwell in the house of the lord All the days of my life.   Then i say YES!  Father if that is all i get, i WANT IT!  Then i start reading 55:16 out of no where ” i will call upon the Lord to save me and HE WILL SAVE ME.  Of course i had to read the whole Psalm.   Only to see that this is the Psalm i was looking for when i felt be-trade by my hubby way back yonder.       i thought it was 31 but now i see it’s 55

So i will take 55:16 over my life as well, and Declare another of my favorites over my life as a Promise from God Himself.  51:10 Create in me a clean and pure Heart oh God.  Filled with clean thoughts and right desires, restore to me the Joy of Your Salvation and MAKE ME WILLING TO OBEY YOU.  You don’t want burnt offerings and sacrifices a Broken and Contrite heart YOU WILL NOT IGNORE.

Father may i Always have a broken and contrite heart.  Father Thank You for Your Word, for Speaking Life into me.  Revelation of answered prayer/ and Your Word.  (Friend called and gave me some more answered prayer while blogging).  Thank You for Words to Live by!

Out of you will flow rivers of Living Water Jesus Said.   Speak Gods Word People.


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