Singing in the rain.

Remember when it rained way back and God said sit and watch, pray.  i did briefly and went back to cleaning.  Today i had the privilege of seeing the storm coming, and getting my things in the house.    Then praying in the beautiful, before storm breeze.   i looked for cat at same time.  i thought my neighbors are going to think i am nuts out here praying  out loud for Your Word and Holy Spirit to be poured out.

Father keep my eyes on You.  Let me not fear being taken away to somewhere i will not like.   Your Wings shelter me Lord.    i see the rain in a distance.  i pray more and more  Holy Spirit.   i think  Jesus will come in the clouds.    Pray   Jesus come  Reveal Yourself On Your Throne now!    i ask that it not be Passover of His word, rather Passover of His Wrath.  Turn this nation back to You Lord.  That the breeze be the Blowing and moving of Holy Spirit which is like the wind you feel but can’t pin it down.

i want to text this to my friend.   i tell her i am praying Gods Word be poured out.  as i am typing it, it begins to rain. .

i keep  praying and then God reveals “last time you wouldn’t sit with me, now you are getting soaking wet Singing my  Praises in front of anyone watching”.   Reap a harvest God  for Your Kingdom.

i come in side and hear ” it is finished go tell them what you did out there.  let them decide”

Isaiah 55:10-11 the rain and snow come down from heaven and stay upon the ground to water the earth, and cause the grain to grow and to produce seed for the farmer and bread for the hungry,  11. so ALSO IS MY WORD.   I send it out, and it ALWAYS PRODUCES FRUIT.  It shall ACCOMPLISH ALL I WANT IT TO  AND PROSPER EVERYWHERE I SEND IT.    added 12.   You will live in JOY and PEACE.   How could i never have seen verse 12 before?


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