Father i am frustrated

Jesus was at the formation of the world.  Was the ONLY PERFECT HUMAN  that will ever exist.   He could not get people to believe Him.  Hear the truth behind what He was saying.  He had people say He was wrong, wrong theology, wrong actions.

Why Father do i get frustrated expecting people to see and believe that which i say is from You, if Jesus Himself couldn’t do it.  i truly am prideful hu?

Everyday i go through the same thing.   i am speaking Your words, being transformed into Your image and still am told i know nothing because of the times i fail in speaking love.   i guess this was You showing me just how deadly sin is.  i could do 99% right but that 1% of sin will cause death.  separation from You.   For me to be so prideful that i feel people should see only the Good You do through me.  When Jesus who was ONLY 1000% Good,1000% LOVE.  They denied.

wow Father  how dare i think that i can teach humility, faith, and love.   Your showing me my heart, is so kind of You.  As Graham says “You are either learning a new aspect of God or going deeper in Revelation”.  This is clearly deeper Revelation of my pride.  Thank You Father for not leaving me where i am.   You Gently Humble me to  Listen

Jesus Thank You for answering my prayer of Reveal Yourself to me.  For i am only glimpsing what frustration You went through with us humans and “our wisdom”

ok i get it it’s  “holy righteousness” we think.   We talk to people all the time.  We get frustrated when they don’t understand the part we need to fix project, or the directions we need to find our way, what you need done at job, so on and so forth.  That frustration is enough all unto itself.  So we act frustrated without even caring or noticing.   But when you’re talking about God, and the person doesn’t understand.  Truly hears it as foreign.  (wow)   That frustration God showed me is my ” holy righteousness”.  Because i am conveying Gods message everyone should understand right?  (judgment)  so if i get frustrated i think it is JUSTIFIED!    Jesus i believe got frustrated, difference is He didn’t act it out in anger like i do.  He Loved back.  He was patient enough to keep repeating Himself countless ways.   He also was Wise enough to know whom to share with.  ” don’t cast your pearls before swine.”  Only God knows who is ready to Receive.  We  not to judge that.  We listen for who He says speak to.   Sometimes we listen and when the person doesn’t receive and accuses you of fallacy.  We get frustrated, i get frustrated to the point of walking away.  This is transformation on Gods part.  i use to yell, scream, put hammers through T.V.  So i see the fruit, that others can not see.  Hence my “holy righteousness on you told me to tell them”   God is not only using you to share Gospel He is using them to show you your heart and where “YOU NEED HIM TO KEEP /GIVE YOU PEACE…..(LIFT THE VEIL THAT”S MY PRAYER).   If it were easy what would we gain?     O.K   we would gain a friend, so with this friend you then have fellowship, common ground, you want to bless your friend, be kind to your friend……….This is what God wants from us.   To be Friends.  He wants us to listen and understand that which He says.    Father forgive me for not listening to you, letting this world drown out Your Still Small Voice.   Father doesn’t scream.

Father it is against You and You alone i sin.  Forgive me for walking away, frustrated at lack of communication.  You know all to well how that is.   You speak and we do not hear.   Teach me Father to remain in LOVE.  Put a guard over my mouth.  That i may only speak YOUR LIFE.   Father Thank You for this heart experience with You.  That i may know Your ways and walk in them.    Father Thank You for the Holy Spirit i feel welling within.   Be Glorified Father.  Jesus how sweet You are.  Reveal more and more Please.

Ok Father here’s the thing You already know.   i love talking with You.  i love that You Blessed me with a blog to share with whoever You send here.   Forgive me for telling You who i should/not and if i should/not have conflict  with.  Help me to focus on all that You do.   None of me ALL of You.

i just had the most AMAZING OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.    Jesus revealed Himself as never before.  What He did for us, How we perceive Him.   God showed me scripture, put a guard over my mouth  that i may only speak Your life, Oh that i may know the number of my days, so i do not grow weary in serving you.  oh that i were not born for the task at hand seems to unbearable.  If i knew it was temporary how easier that makes it.   We want others to see God shine through us.  God wants that too.  All we saw and remember is The Light Jesus shined.

New revelation.  Call those things into being which are not.  speak to those dry bones life.   i  spoke scripture and then asked for more and more.  i write a paragraph and by next paragraph that is exactly that which i asked for happening to me.   Water that does not make you thirst.  Pouring out of you…… Praise Jesus He IS WORTHY!



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