i was listening to Graham Cooke in truck.  He said some of us know, God as savior, some are getting to know Him as Lord.  i think i am somewhere in between.   Growing in faith that He saves, and Treating Him as Lord over my life.

It’s funny we are willing to subject ourselves to others.  We go to work, we exalt pastor to know all, we let drugs and food control us.  Yet here is a God that Loves us has only Good for us.  And yet we cry no don’t want to summit to Him.

The good news is, when you do.  Life takes on a whole new meaning.  It’s not you against world, or world revolving around you.  It’s God Loving you into His image.  Seeing how many ways not only He can show love but use you to do the same.

Reading Philippians i saw prayer for others, throughout the book.  That prayer was also for the author as well.  When we confess we are happy with little or much we are Proclaiming that God can accomplish that mind-set in us.   God was Lord over Paul’s life.   Paul was not only used to write 2/3  of New Testament.  He has affected COUNTLESS  numbers of people for the Gospel.  Showed us how to think, pray, get through trying times.  Who besides Jesus has had it so bad?  i believe God gave us the sense of adventure we have.  For look at these life stories.  They are full of adventure.

We have this same venture.  Yet we look at everyday life and say no we don’t.  God took Paul and transformed him.  From the keeper of laws and killing those that do not follow them, to someone who would die, go to prison, and be beaten countless times for that which he once killed people for doing.  This is basic i know.  i find God bringing me back to the basics all the time.

No i am not asked to go to prison for sharing the Gospel.  i am asked to bring it to those imprisoned.    i am not beaten for my beliefs, Yet i am  looked at like “i’m to heavenly minded for earthly good”  i don’t think God asked Paul to do all this his first year of ministry.  This a cured over time.  Building Paul’s faith with little battles.  Giving him reassurance that God was and always will be with him.

This is why i ask to grow in faith/suffering.  i do not aspire to be Paul only to be used to further God’s Kingdom in such a big way.  i even seek to do it anonymously.  none of me All of God.  i look at my life and ask daily is God my Lord, boss, friend, Provider, Sustainer?  If so, does my life/mind-set bear His Fruit?

One of my favorite Epistles is Phil 4:4-8  4.Always be full of Joy in the Lord.  i say it again-Rejoice!  5. Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do.  Remember, the Lord is coming soon.  6.  Don’t worry about anything; instead, Pray about Everything.   Tell God what you need, and Thank Him for ALL He has DONE.  &.  Then YOU WILL EXPERIENCE God’s Peace which exceeds anything we can understand. His Peace will Guard your hearts and minds as you live in  Christ Jesus.  8. ….One final thing.  Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.  Think about things that are excellent and Worthy of Praise.  Keep putting into Practice all you learned……

i find that when i think of Jesus coming again i do not fear but am welcoming it.  Jesus will MAKE ALL THINGS RIGHT.  i also find that if i ask in prayer my worrying ceases.  Life is so much  easier, when i think on all He has done for me.  i have peace.  So no in response to my last post i do not have it as easy as people may perceive i do.  i just pray the same prayers My brother in Christ prayed.

Phil 1: 2-6   2.May the God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you Grace and Peace.  3. Every time i think of you, i give Thanks to my God.  4. Whenever i  pray, i make my requests for all of you with Joy, 5. for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now.  6. And i am certain that God, Who began the Good Work within you WILL CONTINUE  His Work until it is Finally Finished on THE DAY WHEN CHRIST JESUS RETURNS. (may i add: more hope and less fear we will be complete YEAH!

Isaiah 55:10-11


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