having a Godly perspective

i know someone who is struggling with having to do things they don’t want to do.    my response is don’t we all?

This has me thinking.  Am i that blessed that even the things i don’t want to do aren’t that bad, or do i just have it that good i am the only person on the planet earth that never has to do things she don’t want to.

i can say it is the first of these.   For yesterday i had to clean runny cat poop out of a clothe cat carrier.  (Found the missing flashlight of 2 yrs.  so i got a reward from it).  Not to mention the 3 cat orchestra i had to endure taking them to visit a friend.  My cats know how to carry a high note tune for what seems like eternity.  Wouldn’t want to live without them.

Ok i hear you.  This is not the worst we can endure i know.  For from the time i was a pre-teen, i thought everything was a production.  Where all should gather around the star(me) to help in my dilemma.  i was not someone you wanted in your circle of friends.

This is why i am so Grateful to God.  Only He could have delivered me from such a mind-set as this.

i still am not sure if i have it that good or He has just deeply transformed how i look at things.   i go through my day, and no i do not get a paycheck at the end of the week.  Either do moms.  Not that i would dare compare myself to the HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD!

Well my day seems very carefree.  i do not believe it is because i only do things i like and enjoy.  i believe it is because i ask God to lead me.  He sets the pace.  When He calls me to do things i don’t really like doing.  i find with God next to me they ain’t so bad.  Even when cleaning fecal matter of walls and a toilet.  i say this because i am as shocked as you that i could find enjoyment out of doing this.  It’s weird i know, but God said to me while i was down there complaining ” Do all things unto me”  When i heard that i was like Awesome! God see’s this as work that brings Glory to Him.  Out of a heart of gratitude i joined in with the angels and elders sing HOLY! HOLY is the Lord GOD ALMIGHTY

None of this new mind-set is of me you know.  i can take none of the credit for this joyful way of looking at life.  For there are times/days i too see things as insurmountable and want to give up.  This reminds me that i have not figured it out.  That God’s way is easier.  His yoke light.  Go seek God the Spirit within tells me.   Look at God not me/others

Just yesterday i was going to eat my dinner .  Than i started washing dishes.  i said why are you taking this on,  God didn’t ask you to do this.  you burden yourself with things before you have to get them done.  His yoke is light, go enjoy your meal.

i just had a thought come back to me.  may be i am to practice this way of thinking for i ask to suffer for His Name sake.  maybe this is the reprieve before God calls me into battle.  Father may i never forget All that You supply me with.  Food, Shelter, guidance , Love, Endurance, Happy Attitude, Your Word.  May i know that the little battles of life can be overcome with Joy.  This strengthening me for the big battles You will overcome as well.  Reminds me of Paul when he wrote “i have learned to be content with little or much”  Here’s a book recommend Philippians.

Father Thank You for the life You gave me.  May i serve You in ALL i DO


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