Graham Cooke

would love to take credit for the writing that is to follow but Graham Cooke said it all. (excerpt)

We learn the disciplines of the Spirit, through the circumstances of life.  Every situation tells us something about God and ourselves.  Your current situation is telling you something about who you are.  particularly What God wants to be for you right now.  We become the people of the Spirit when we discover the Nature of God in the situation we find ourselves.  What if every circumstance was  primary about you  discovering who God is for you.

There is a process.  God loves to take us step by step from who we are to what He wants us to be.  God is past, present, and future.  He sees who you are, and who you will become.  There is process that will totally engage us  in a faith filled encounter with God that will overcome the enemy and bring us to a larger place in the Spirit…..When you get into traumatic circumstances.   People need a place for their anger.  They either become passive or aggressive.  Passivity stops you from doing something constructive,  or their aggression focuses power on the wrong things.  When you get into adverse circumstances you can not afford to eyeball  the circumstances unto you have a good look at God.   Worship is never a casual thing.  Thanksgiving is never  casual.  It’s intentional, it’s purposeful.   It’s not Lord i Thank You for what’s happening…we are not Christian masochist..  We are not Thanking You because my  house has burned down, and my wife and kids were kidnapped.  i’m not Thanking You because i lost everything (what happen to David in bible) i am Thanking You because of  Who You Are regardless my circumstances.  Because of what Your Nature is like, Your intentionality, regardless what the enemy is doing.  This is what i know about You.  And i am giving Thanks because that is the person i need right now in my life.  David strengthened his heart,( by Thanking God)  Sometimes our difficulty is   we start thinking about stuff before we engaged God in our heart.  You didn’t invite Jesus into your head you invited Him into your heart.  Always heart first head second.  You have to learn to live that way or there will be no encounters with God.  There are going to be no encounters in your head.  They are going to come in your heart.  You have to experience God in your heart.  You can not in your head.  You can think about Him.  But experience comes from heart.  It’s your heart that has divine encounters.  It’s what you know about the nature of God that sustains you.  First you must see Who God is and then Who He is for you.   Ask God “what is it You want to be for me that you could not be at any other time?”

Father help me to have this mind-set.  To always look at Who You Are.   Not my circumstances no matter how bleak they may seem.

Thank You Father for Your servant Graham, may he plant many seeds in Your Name.


One thought on “Graham Cooke

  1. God does not bring something to you until He knows your ready. you have to become ready in Him. We are never ready for the things God wants us to do. Scripture is riddled with encounters where the person wasn’t ready.
    i’m sure Moses wasn’t ready to have conversation with a bush about going to Egypt.
    we are coming into new experiences and encounters. Some of us know Jesus as savior, some of our experiences now are coming to know Him as Lord. He wants to be your Lord, Savior , Prince of Peace, Father, Friend, Brother, Lover, Patients, Joy, multi-indentities, one personality. as we are multi-indentities, one personality.
    we are learning how to walk with God in that identity. So that you know Him. It comes to you, touches you, gets ahold of you. and you actually become that identity yourself. you become peaceful, a warrior, master of your circumstances, patient…..i wonder right now, what identity of God, does He want to become for you in your current circumstances? What identity does He want to bestow upon you? so that you know Him like that forever.
    Thank You Father for being that which we are to become.

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