God does second chances

i do not know where to begin.  i guess with feeling rejected.   It’s summer, it’s the weekend.   Though i love blogging it do not want to sit and do it all day.  i like to live and then share.  But there was nothing to do.  No one i thought would want to do anything with me.  God is Good, so Boy do i have a Praise report for you.

i was not feeling loved and decided to go out for a drive.  i left the easy-pass at home so i don’t do N.J again, against God’s wishes.  After some time i go see mom.  No rewards for my motives were selfish, not that of service.  i get a text from my friend wants to meet for dinner.  At the place that serves great bread and oil.  Not to mention their crab dip.   i haven’t eaten all day so she didn’t have to twist my arm.  i was lonely too.

As i walk through the parking lot.  The Spirit tells me to pray for meeting with my friends.  That God may use me to minister love.   i get in and it smells like heaven.  i Thank God for having a friend that came in time of need, and privilege to eat so good.

i sit down and continue in Prayer and Thanksgiving .  The waitress is talking to older women next to me.  Telling them she just dropped her oldest son off in Boston.  He is doing missionary work there, then 2 weeks seminary, then off to Nicaragua.  i say is soft voice YEAH.   They start talking about her foot.  That she had surgery, but was in N.Y yesterday and it seems fine today.  Old school injury.    As she leaves i say excuse me i do not mean to be rude but since you raised your children in the way they should go.   i do not know how you feel about praying, but may i pray for your foot.  She said Yes.  i said is here ok?  She said yes.  i nearly lost it telling her how privileged i was to serve.  How happy i was that we would Glorify God.  i got on my knees asked her name, Laurie.  Than  began to Thank God for His precious daughter Laurie.  i prayed healing in the name of Jesus.  Restoration back to how God designed, perfect.  Thanked Him for Healing.      i Thanked her so much for privilege.  Then began my slight rocking back and forth in chair as i declared His Goodness.   He used me.  He Blessed me.  He used me in spite of the fact that i was in sin.  (don’t ask, someone out there would judge  me in sin)  but i was  sinning for i was judging someone all day.  Looking at their down falls instead of God’s Glory.  There i am rocking back and forth and realize the last time i was here i felt the Spirit ask me to pray healing over someone’s ears.  i didn’t.  i wasn’t sure?  Kept asking is that You God???  Now i knew He wanted me to pray over her foot.  For as soon as she spoke of it.  i felt the Spirit say “She is telling you what to pray for, here’s an opportunity to ask if that is what she wants”.

i was so excited i had to write it down.  Had no paper.  Resolved to waiting till i get home.  God points out that  is what deposit slips at bottom of checkbook are for.  i am hot on it.   My friend, her girlfriend of 18 years, and daughter show up.  i so want to keep writing but Spirit says greet in love.  So i greet and say i just need to write this down.  My friend knowing me so well tells me not to talk so she can get daughter settled.  This allows me time to finish my writing.  Best friend i tell you.  So i sit on it (the story).  For i  know not all company will understand.   Forgive me Father i just made a judgment not allowing You to speak what You wanted into those at the table.

So i wait till her friend and daughter leave for restroom, and share the story with my friend.  Praying that God uses it to minister to her.  i mentioned that God in His wisdom had it happen before She came, for they i do not believe would have liked me asking, let alone kneeling and praying for stranger.   God’s timing is perfect.   Last time i think i chickened out because i was with someone.

Now it’s 10 pm and i am blogging outside with tiki torch and all.  Trying to see the letters on keyboard.  So worth it.  For this is one more adventure in my scrapbook of memories.   i guess i do have it that good.   My kid (the favorite) is by my feet and all.  She is a cat, night hunter.  Just the other day ate the head off a rabbit.  Yet she chooses to stay here with me then hunt.  THAT’S MY GIRL!  said with Brooklyn accent

Father how can i count the Blessings you give me.   THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


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