Sex trade con’t

i can’t help but to wonder if God is going to use me to bring healing and comfort to these little girls and boys who are being traded like cattle on the open market.

i just had a convo with friend talking about how 6 million Jews were killed.

(read Andy Andrews book ” how to kill 11 million people” litteraly  takes 15 minutes)

What about these children?  Are we going to sit back and ask someone else to help them as we declare God’s Goodness.  i see it as better to have millstone tied around your neck than make these little ones stumble.   If ever a cause to unite/suffer for this is it!

i see God showing me these atrocities  and  ask how can i help?   i  wonder is God using me to minister to my mom?  Is the whole homeless shelter volunteering,  my preparing for counseling?  Will this help me, help the girls/boys in future?  Can we house a girl here and now?  if i can’t show love to mom how can i show to these little girls and boys?  Where does the Lord want to use me and how?

i could go on forever.  This is where Gods Grace is only  for one day  comes in.  i have to trust that He knows what i need, when i need it, and will prepare me for whatever He calls me to do.

Father i ask that my marriage be a Godly example of love to not only to others, but maybe to some of those children in dire need of love.  Father i ask that my life not be about me and my comforts.  That i would give up all to love others.  That maybe one day the home You Blessed us with will be full of love, healing and restoration in the name of Jesus.  That we not only say to these children, God has a plan for your life, but we may offer our homes to be a part of for-filling that Good Plan You set forth.  May i have Wisdom and Understanding.  May my heart be ready to show love at all times to all people.   Ready in season and out.

Father i heard You.  “The harvest is ready”.  i want to be a worker Lord.  Show me how to help these 1 year old children through adult age.

1 Chronicles 4:10 and Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou would Bless me indeed, and enlarge my borders, and that Thine Hand might be with me, and thou would keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me.    And God granted him that which he requested.

Father enlarge my/our borders to further Your Holy Kingdom.


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