meals are Sacred to those that taste with all their being.

i must lay the ground work down.  For months i truly have been living off 1/2 cheese sandwich and a yogurt now and then.  i am at a all time low and i’m ok with it.  Others think what i always say to people as thin as me ” eat a burger”  Hence why BBQ was cool yet another meal beyond cheese.  Though i didn’t enjoy  the taste of that food like i am now.

When i spend time with God cooking,  (the shack).   i find myself adding ingredients that i normally wouldn’t.  i am not a chef and mostly cook out a box.  i know not a proverbs 31 woman in the least.  Well yesterday God had me take regular chop meat with parmesan cheese, spices and herbs. To make meatballs with a cheese flavor.    The running joke is i take pictures and send to my friend who jokes and calls me Martha Stewart.   i say to my husband how you like my gourmet meals.  Yeah right?   So today i finally have all that i need to complete meatball dinner.

i serve hubby his sub style.   mine i serve  in bowl so bread can be dipped in oil or butter.  This idea coming from my friend who described bread and butter/oil as a religious experience.  Like Jesus offering up His body.  i so got her meaning, on so many levels.  i too believe they(meals) are scared and should not be done watching T.V.  Family at table.  i too taste a meal with all my being and really enjoy it, at times.

(“When Harry meet Sally” movie was taken from watching me eat food,  i like to think)

i come outside and dip my bread.  my mouth and body explode with pure Joy of God-given food and taste-buds.  i bit into the meatballs that  yesterday i could have taken or leaven.  And boom there it was heaven.   i  text my friend telling her how i so get bread with no frills  is all that and then some.  Tell her how Jesus showed me that Martha wasn’t wrong for cooking meal.   Jesus rebuked her for not minding her toast (business).  That i always thought Martha was not the one to follow.  Now i see she served  Our Lord.  He was pleased with that .  Jesus only wanted Martha to look at Him not others.

so here i am amazed at how good this food is.  And having Jesus answer my prayer of reveal Himself.  For as i started to eat,   Jesus said if you know your brother has something against you, lay down your sacrifice and go make right.”  To me my meal, was me sharing in His sacrifice, breaking of bread.  Yet i felt it wrong to be eating alone without my hubby.  so off i will go

Father Thank You for this meal.  Allowing me not only to prepare it with You, but fellowship with you.  You told me stop eating and now i see why.  So there is some left to share meal with hubby.

i read  that wrong, but ok still got some bread and butter/oil left to enjoy our here.  Father as i stated to my hubby   may Your Word Bear Fruit not me but You Lord.  Father keep me focused on all that is good.


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