Wrap your brain around this one, i dare you

How do you wrap your brain around this?

i was setting things up to come outside to blog.   i had to get the one cat in, so i went back inside house.  As i was straightening up i was Thanking God not only for what had just happened, but for strength to straighten up house.  i was also thinking i wish i wasn’t down to two cigarettes i wish i could find a pack somewhere.

i lift a plastic bag off the kitchen table and an unopened pack falls out. i said to myself how do you wrap your brain around that?  Is it me???? or did God just grant me a wish.  i mean i asked for cigarettes.  That seems unlikely right?  i was so happy at what had just happened that, to be blessed beyond what i ever thought,  Was too much for me to conceive.

So here i am two full cigarettes lite at once.  Not understanding how God could want to use me?

i am sending this post out as a cry for the word God gave me, to be for-filled.  ” God is reading the harvest,  Return to your First love.  God wants to be your First Love”

i am going to share with you an e-mail i sent someone at church.  For ease of writing i will use names.  Don’t try to figure out who for i am, for i’m to remain anonymous.

Blessings my dear Sara i was reading a prayer e-mail for Melanie.  One of the things she may be doing in Thailand is visiting girls from sex trade.  i wanted to share with you what i felt pressed on my heart.

1.  If they (girls) are in America and they ARE

They are here.  they need homes.

2.  If they live in other countries

Could we provide that safe place here in USA??????  or there?

i also felt the verse ” the harvest is ready the workers are few.  Will you say we have time, harvest isn’t for 4 months?….Pray that there be workers.”

Jesus is Good!   Thank You Father for Your Son to show us the way.  Thank You Jesus for revealing Yourself.   “I do not pray that You take them out of this world.  But that You keep them from the enemy.”   Thank You Jesus for Praying  that for us.  God is Protector.  We need to receive this.  Know this.  Seek this.

Sorry Sara God is showing me things so i am typing them out.

Would you tell me what you feel?  If this moves you at all?  i was thinking if the Lord Provides larger housing for mom and another girl or two.  i would be honored to pass on the Love given me.  Can’t say i think i am good at that.  But that is what reliance on the Lord is all about for me.

Have a blessed weekend. and Shalom and JEHOVAH JIRAH

So here i am  water mister on. ( had to get that out), beautiful day, laptop and wanting to serve God with all these Blessings.  i hear go Love your mother.  So i will share more on this post next time.  For there is so much to explore on this subject.  i must do as told.  Blessings to all.

Father may Your Word reap a harvest for Your Kingdom.


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