Where did that come from?

When i was in New Jersey i looked at the freedom tower and said tower of Babel.  For a brief moment i found that strange, un-till i thought of what the tower means/ stands for (Babel)

While on my way to see my best friend today.  God had me listening to Genesis.  i had to turn around and explore where God was taking me.  i canceled time with my best bud to hang out with God.   My last post explains how much this was needed.

Well i got comfortable and went through Bible to see what Babel stood for.   It was a skyscraper, it united the people, (USA) they spoke one language, ( for the most part)  it grouped them together.  ( how many people could be in the twin towers at once over 100,000)

Father i ask that anything that may be written here, be of You.  That if this is my thoughts which are FAR BENEATH Yours.   That eyes would be closed to that which is not truth.  If You are revealing something i ask for veils to be lifted and ears to hear what the Spirit says.

The flood came before Babel.  From Adam to Noah were 14 generations.  Only 8 survived.  It says that God is Past, Present, and Future.   So through one man came sin through another man came Salvation.  It is written that God limits our time so that none may perish.  It is written that there will come and end.

Before the flood people lived over 500 years up to 969.  We only live to 120 max.  God limiting our time.

If we see earth as tribulation  hence our time needing shortened.    And we see tribulation as yet to come.  Then we can see that from Adam to Noah the people didn’t get it right, and Humble themselves.  There came an end.   Now we are told that another end will come.  One with a very tabulate beginning.  So if we seek God while there is still time as it is written we should.  Then we will be prepared in and out of season.  For not only these trying times but the ones to come.   It is written all things are tested with fire.  So i wonder how many will be saved after next ending  of this world/ earth as we know it.  If 8 were saved first time how many will endure to the end of this go around?

Gods purpose is that none should perish.  That is why He is so gracious to limit our time.  We grumble and complain about what is before us now.  We can’t even imagine what lays ahead.   God wants us to take what is before us now here on earth and  shine brightest among the darkness.  So that all may see your light.  Which is and only is the Holy Spirit living God  in you.   Shining forth Gods Glory, and Goodness.

That which you know about God is that which you shine.  So if you don’t spend time with God How will you know Him.

God is not like our earthly fathers.  He does not scream at us.  God is in the stillness and rest.  There is where   He Gently speaks.

The screaming at you to get your attention is the reaping of sin.  That which satan is trying to use to divide us.  God uses that screaming ….death, accident, lose, money, and shows you it’s futility and blesses you into repentance.

We must get still before God.  to listen to what He is telling us.  For mans wisdom (including mine) is but foolishness to God.  If we could know Him or create as He creates ( apart from Him)  then would He, be God?  No!  Man can not create apart from the life God gives him.  Through breathe, Braun, and intellect.   You are truly testing God when you try to compare yourself to Him.   It is written “do not test the Lord thy God”  i am guilty of this myself.  Do i think i can create anything apart from Him?   i can look at my life and say Yes.  Many things i’ve made  ( book-shelves, fixed cars, drove myself, read a book, got that degree.)  i did all of it without God , so i thought.

i can’t look at the non-believer and judge.  For how am i different?  i believe there is a God and yet treat Him Holy God as if He is at my beck and call.  Never giving God all the Glory.  weather for book-shelf coming out nice.  Car fix working, Getting safely to my destination, giving me ability to read, think, learn.  Or for perseverance to finish to completion.

God gets all Glory and for far to long i have taken that away with my lack of humility.  Forgive me Father.  May You dwell so deeply in my spirit that all i and they see is You Father.  May this vessel of clay ( skin and bones) bring Glory to Your Holy Name.  May i not show forth that which will be  discarded.  The potter can choose however He wants.  We can pray and seek  God to be the one He makes for beauty on a shelf.   He gave us the pottery so that we  may learn the true meaning of the Parable.

Father is it wrong for me to want to live as if i do not know who You will choose to save?  Father to want to please and know You for ALL  THAT has been given already?  That i may want to dwell with You always Here and Now as well as in heaven ( i’m adding 3rd)  to pray and seek You without assurance or guarantee that You will choose me?

Father the more i know of You the more i want to know.  The more You reveal all that is Yours and how Merciful You are the more i am humbled.

You love me gently.  You don’t condemn me.  You meet me in the quite place when we are alone.

You reveal things that only You can.  Do i trust myself?   No Father.   i can fully trust You Lord.   Your evidence has proved time and again You are with me.  Thank You Father for never leaving nor forsaking me.

No man can ever make this claim.  Forgive me Father for the countless times i left and forsaked You.

Father fear comes from looking at me or this world and seeing our limited power to fix things.  Oswald Chambers said ” The remarkable thing about fearing God is that when you fear God you fear nothing else.  Whereas if you don’t fear God you fear everything else”  Father keep my eyes on You Lord.  That i may not fear anything knowing You are in control.  That You love and do not seek to harm.  You have a plan and that plan for our lives is for Good!   You and You alone bring forth that Fruit of goodness planned for us.

Father, You want none to perish.  You love us all.  Father lift the veil so we may see Your full Glory and Praise and Thank You.   Jesus lift the veil that we may see You on Your throne Reigning NOW!

Will the Fear of the Lord come also upon us as You reveal Your Glory?  Yes.  Because we will see how filthy we are in Your Holy Presence.  It is us who don’t want to see how filthy we are.  God already knows, that’s the good news.  He knows and still loved us enough to send His only son to die for us.  Jesus showed us that we too can have fellowship with the Father,  that no matter what suffering we endure here, it does not compare to the richness of being in His Presence.

Father how can i understand this love you speak of?  i believe i will know through my suffering.   That if i will give up my life.  Wants , needs, desires to serve You and seek You then i will have but a taste of the suffering Jesus endured for us.  Paul, i believe had a taste.   Oh i wonder if he is one of the elders?

Father help my unbelief.  i believe but help my unbelief.

Father help us not to focus on the wrath of this world or Yours but rather the Love and Mercy You give so freely.  That we may receive that love and pass on to others.


One thought on “Where did that come from?

  1. i am not sure where this one was going. God downloaded several themes to me at once and i couldn’t keep up. my prayer is that His word will bear fruit in spite of my humanness

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