No Words

i so cried for Joy. Thank You Father for bring Life out of our judgment.

Being Rebekah

Our road trip home from Las Vegas to New York continues, and today just so happened to be the day we drove through Kansas City. For those who don’t know, Kansas City is home to the Royals, the Chiefs…….and a happy little place called IHOP. No, not the pancake place. IHOP is the International House of Prayer and it is basically prayer and worship 24/7. The prayer has been going unceasingly for something like 12 years now. It is an amazing place, and you can find it here:

I happened to mention that IHOP was located in Kansas City, and that I had been once before but didn’t really get to see much of it because I was accompanied by a hardcore atheist (long story). So, my roommate suggested we check it out on a whim. This is hilarious to me because the whole reason we are driving cross-country…

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