God’s Love for Us

Before i was to start typing i felt the Spirit move me to go to God first.   Matthew 6:33 tells us to SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM AND ALL IT’S RIGHTEOUSNESS   THEN ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED ONTO YOU.

i did not know what i was to write the Spirit said ” You must first go to the Father.  Thank Him for all that is provided.  Feel the breeze as if the Holy Spirit.  Ask God what is to be written.  May be what you heard yesterday is not for today.”

So here i am Praising God for i can see by the verse He gave me that this can get very deep.   So Father i ask that these words be Your Words that bear Fruit in Your Good Name.

Yesterday God really showed me how the more you go to Him the more you are aware when you are not.  It makes life kind of harder.  See i use to run on my own strength, will and know how.   For the past 4 months i have been EXCEEDING BLESSED  to know what it is like to go to God first and then have added onto me.

i would go to God to see what He wanted to do.  To Bless my time with those i was to go meet.  Protect my travels.  Enlarge my borders for His kingdom.  That i would hear what He has for His children.  Whether healing, encouragement, service.  To guard my mouth to only speak that which is of You God.  Teach me to show love to this person.  May i speak life to them.

When the end of the day came near God would reveal all He did through me.  Thus blessing me into repentance.  For He loves me enough to use a wretch like me.  Those filthy rags i told you we will see in ourselves.   We Praise Him because, we know where our identity comes from.  The One True Living God Creator of All that is Seen and UNSEEN. 

For me i look at it like this.  God knew everything i would ever say and do.  He still not only choose to bring me into this world.  He loves and died for me to be restored back to Adams fellowship with Him.   He provides and Blesses me here on earth.  Wants to use me to further His kingdom of Peace and righteousness.  To be able to HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO ASK IN THE FIRST PLACE.  That is where i am reminded to ALWAYS SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM.

For the last 3 days i was running on self-will.  As stated i was miserable.  i guess this is to remind me His Yoke is Easy and Burden Light.  This i believe is what pleases God,  Fellowship.  Us humbling ourselves before Him asking Him to reveal Himself to us.  Than asking for Wisdom and Love to share with others while we are here on earth (OUR TEMPERARY HOME).  Asking for PERSERVENCE,  to walk out the LOVE shown us.  His Word tells us that He Delights in Giving Good Gifts.  Hello filthy me.  WOW  i can not understand that LOVE????

Father teach me to Always come to You.  Before i lift my head in the morning.  May i come to You. As I drink my morning coffee, may i come to You.  As i start the car, may i come to You.  As i drive…,As i walk into stores, meet and greet people, talk with friends, talk to family,  talk on phone, text on phone, e-mail, face-book, blog, serve my spouse, love my spouse, love strangers, love people!  to seek Your Judgment not mine.  To know i am just as Privileged as they i come into contact with.  To seek to serve rather than be served.  Humble me like Jesus.  He had full right to ALL this.  Didn’t have to wait to get to heaven.  He created it.  Jesus stepped down from THAT!   Can’t say i would.  i am to selfish.  i cling to the foolish things of this world?  Let alone Volunteerly stepping down from Your Righteous Throne to hang out with us.  Seriously i can’t fathom this kind of LOVE??????????????????????   Thank You Father and Jesus for revealing Jesus to me.  Now i am just starting to see The tip of All that Jesus did for us.

Father You Amaze me.  The Holy Spirit said Go to God.  Thank You Father for Spirit that dwells within me to have listened.  Well here we are and God you so taught me so much.  To be able to write this down is a Privilege i can not fathom.  Be Glorified Father.  Isaiah 55:10-11


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