Bottom of the 9th score tied 7th of series Mets vs. Yankee’s at old Shea stadium

Father May we all Humble ourselves before You.  That’s right WE ALL WILL. IT IS WRITTEN.

My husband likes to do apologetics with me on this topic i am about to write.

Yesterday when i was writing what God was showing me.  i broke out in prayer several times.   Writing each of the prayers as i went.  What you read will be an exert of the full writing. i have been trying for 2 days now to get all of it out but, God had different plans.  Last plan i learned so much from.  Lets learn on this one together.

Father help me to not focus on the wrath of You or this world,  As i would judge it.  Help me to focus on all that is Good, Lovely and Pure. Thankful for all that surrounds me.  Your Grace and Mercy.  Ever wanting to humble myself before You, no matter where i am or who i am with.

That means at the President’s house for dinner.  Ball park, work, store, Etc. And God says ” lay before me, lay down My child, Rest and listen.”  i want to do it willingly.  Even at what i consider the best game of all time.  Whether real or imaged.  In front of whom ever i deem to be the most important person on earth.

Would we do it?

He would never ask such a thing we tell ourselves.  My husband likes to say you’re drawing attention to yourself, it’s pride.  Yeah right who would think humbling themselves face flat on floor/gravel in front of Your boss/anyone.  To give Praise and Honor to God as prideful?????  just got that answer Thank You Father.  i never knew how to refute that before.

What if He did, is He not Worthy?   If He did say that and you had No Doubt it was Him, No Fear of man looking at you like you are crazy,  Willing to go to jail because the country you’re in won’t let you do such a thing.  (God just added that  last one)

Would you do it  Get on your face before God which you can’t see with the naked eye.  Praise Him, Thank Him, Sing of His Glory, Mercy, and Goodness??????

Father may i have this heart that seeks You.

Do i share this Lord?  Do i post it?

Father ABBA Please do not let me war against my flesh or any flesh.  May i put on the full armor of God  and Yield to Only Your Word.       Isaiah 55:10-11  And Know that You are Victorious.

For in the day evil comes.  i want to be able to stand with the Truth so deeply imbedded that it is Vital to All i do.  That Your Righteousness is All that Shines through.  That i am Always ready to answer the call.  That Peace may come from my heart.  That my faith in You is what covers it all.  Know that  the Salvation to fight ONLY  comes from Your Son Jesus.  Who showed us, died for us, and then came back to life.  To Reign!  Jesus has received His reward.  (added: Jesus lift the veil that we may see You on Your Throne NOW)

We are His inheritance.  Jesus may i be a reward worth getting.  Jesus may You reveal Yourself more and more to me/us.  i am to radiate You and i know so little.  i know You went to the Father ALWAYS.  i do not know the Jesus that Endured ALL TEMPTATION.   i foolishly believe You can not understand, my temptation or sin.   Reveal Yourself Jesus so that i may have fellowship and learn from You.

Thank You for revealing apart from the Spirit i can NOTHING.

So there i finally got most of it out.  Took 3 posts but i think God’s way was much better.  It didn’t make sense to me when i re-read it in notebook.

Father may these words breathe Your Life.   Isaiah 55:10-11


9 thoughts on “Bottom of the 9th score tied 7th of series Mets vs. Yankee’s at old Shea stadium

  1. Father may the text i just sent to the best friend i left to be with You yesterday, be received in total Love. May Your Holy Spirit minister to her as Only You can. What a Loving God You are!

  2. Marcus Welby i can’t help but to think of you when i read this title. It’s so you, did i say it right? Funny thing is i was in N.Y on a July 4th (moons ago) and Mets were playing Yankee’s not sure where. But talk about right place wrong seat. i was wondering why everyone was looking at me strange.
    i happen to be wearing my Mets hat that day. only to find out they were playing and manhattaner’s like the Yankees

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