Evidence of Gods love

i was at a graduation party and saw a person doing something that i deemed way too much.   i so wanted to text my friend and share.  The Holy Spirit said no that is judgment.  i listened but than,  i had my friend over plus some and don’t you know till the day was over i was sharing the story.

Today at church the Holy Spirit brought this to my mind and said i need to repent.  So i texted all involved and told them what the Holy Spirit said.   That i ask God to ride me of judgment, and yet i disobeyed please forgive me.

This to me is total proof that God loves me.  For starters He knew i would disobey Him yet called me by name to follow and serve Him anyway.  Then He Blessed me with PERFECT WEATHER  for picnic.  Than He disciplined me and gave me the ears to hear Him, and heart to obey correction.

God just told me that which i deemed to much was actually an act of service and love.  Wow God You really know how to pull at my heart strings.

God is showing me that while i am asking Him to remove judgment from me and the world i am riddled with it.  Father Forgive me.  Break me of ALL that is not of You.

How Father do i explain how judgment is so binding.  i know it’s not my job it’s Yours.  Not to mention haven’t got this myself.   Only You lead us into Truth.  Father lead us in to All Truth, Your Truth.   Do not let this world and it’s ways creep into that which You made to be Holy.  Do not let us take from the ONLY ONE FOUND WORTHY – JESUS, that which is His.   The Judgment  seat.   Lead us all into seeing that ALL we judge we are guilty of  ourselves.

Father give us Your heart for Your people.  May we love with a sacrificial love.   May we not reject Your discipline and correction.  May we rejoice in the discipline knowing You only discipline those You LOVE.   Teach us to look only at You.  To see ourselves in those we judge, that way we won’t.

Father Thank You for showing me that how much YOU have transformed me, and how much more i have to go in that process.


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