Gods ways are not our ways

Have you Ever notice that if you ask someone something over and over and over people think you are a nag?

Have you ever been really  hurt by someone and you repay them with gifts of things really wanted?

Have you ever taken time to rest in your job to the point that your natural boss would fire you.  Only to find that you got more done that day then when you kept at it like a race horse?

Ever try losing weight only to give up, eat the junk food anyway than lose more  weight then you had set out to?

Have you ever meet someone you liked and clung to them so tight they stopped hanging out with you because you were so needy?

These are some of the things that baffle me.  i am now realizing that Isaiah 55:8-9 means what it says.

God wants us to keep asking over and over and over again.  He wants us to be so needy upon Him.  Wants us to rest, not judge food, and bless those that hurt us.

See when i do  something bad  this world punishes me, and condemn’s  me.   God Blesses me into repentance.  When i rest in Him,  i  get far more done than when i’m running around like crazy, working my head off.

i guess what i am really trying to say is that i was praying for the same thing over and over.  Someone said to me we are not to do that and i took the bait.  Forgetting all God taught me.   There are so many verses that illustrate we are to keep asking.

God just told me this is a character of Jesus, perseverance.

Everyday i have to ask God to show me how to love others.  Keep a guard over my mouth.  Keep my eyes on Him.  Ask Him to use me to minister love to others.  Write His laws on my heart.   Everyday i have to rest in Him.  i can’t afford to take a day off.

i have to keep asking, knocking, seeking.  Till the day He takes me.

Gods Word says we will not be complete till Jesus comes again.  To think we can ever arrive here on earth is a fallacy.   We have to come to God as if our life depended on it.  IT DOES.   Life not only here as we know it, but true life, abundant fruit producing life.

These are the prayers i pray.  God show me Your heart for Your people, May i have this heart, use me, tell me what to say, Humble me, make me to be obedient.  Crush my bones, none of me All of You.  May i know ALL provision comes from You.

These are prayers that if i do not ask daily i will slip away from seeking to achieve.

Gods Word tells us to pray without ceasing.  Giving Thanksgiving, knowing He will answer.  For if our earthly fathers give, SO MUCH MORE  will our Heavenly Father.

Father i am not sure what it is i am feeling right now, or what it is that i am to learn from the words You woke me up with this morning.  Your ways are higher than my ways.  Bless us to be the salt and light You called us to be.  May we love as You love.  May  Your ways be our ways.


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