Romans 8

Absolutely there is no condemnation in those that dwell in Christ Jesus.

Where i get frustrated is that we take this verse and use it to justify ourselves.   God wants Thankful hearts.  He wants us to be so Grateful that we are made right in His eyes.  We are to see this Holy Scripture and say Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus that You not only gave up Your rights, You so rightly deserve.  But came to this earth never throwing Your Rightful weight around.  Letting others mock You, beat You, Crucify You.  You did this for us.  Sinful self-serving us.   How can i show gratitude to You Lord?

i am one of those Christians that drives people nuts!  For i never say, nor do i ever want to say ” i believe in Jesus i am going to heaven.”  This i personally feel contradicts many of Scripture. (search the Scriptures for yourself)  Want i want is a pure heart, a Thankful heart.  i want to serve Him not knowing if i’ll get in.  This is where i think faith meets the rubber. ( sort of speak, rubber meets the road).  i want to serve Him for all He has already given me.  To much to ever count.

Why do we wait for heaven when the One we profess to believe in tells us.  PRAY THAT GODS WILL, WILL BE DONE ON EARTH.     We wait and wait.   My personal opinion, God is waiting on us.

We take Romans 8,10 and use it to become prideful.  We know/ have something others don’t.   Is it me or is this not TOTALLY CONTRADICTORY OF SCRIPTURE?   God wants NONE TO PERISH.

Lets take a closer look at ” many will come to me and say I prophesied in your name, healed others in Your Name.  He will say I NEVER knew you”.   WHY?   i feel it is cause we did these things not in gratitude but for self-serving reasons.  So others will look at us and think we are all that.   Good news is if i’m wrong God is Judge in the end.  so i am ok with being wrong.  i am also ok with seeking to have a pure heart, and gratitude without the insurance of a free ticket to heaven.

Father forgive me if i said anything contradictory to Your Holy Word.  If i did not, please pour out Your Spirit and resonate this in Your children’s hearts.  Father crush any pride in my heart.  Humble me Lord, that i may Glorify You and You  Alone.

was going to add Scripture but felt i would only be using it to justify my case and that would be no different then what i am complaining about.  Search for yourself Jesus tells us.

Jesus is the Way Truth and Life no one comes to the Father except though Him. Period case closed


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