The gift of others

i am sitting outside trying to wake up.  i love blogging now and ask God to use it to Bring Glory to His name.  Lead those that do not know Him to Him.

i am reading others bloggers and getting filled myself.   learning new perspectives.  Reading scripture with new insight.  i am so grateful for those that are bold to share their faith and walk with God.

i just read a post about how we judge how fast we are moving/being sanctified.  i know this was from God for  here i am thinking i am not doing enough.  Everyday i have this battle.   i should do this or that.  Everyday God says Rest in Me  I’ll show you what’s next.  Having performance oriented people around me.  i am now seeing  are not an obstacle.  Rather Gods way of not only breaking it in me, but others.  For as i learn to Rest in Him not judging my day by how much i get done.  Or place value on what was done.    i will than begin to see things from Gods perspective.  Doing All things unto Him.  Whatever He calls me to do.   He always accomplishes more in my day then i ever could.  Why do i struggle against the resting?   God will use the lessons i learn to teach me to be salt and light to others.  Those that struggle with thinking they have to perform a laundry list to feel they are of any value.    People like me who think that only when we do certain things are we serving the Lord.

God has been showing me the burden this world puts on us.  Must have this, must see that, must do this  on and on the list goes.   God doesn’t ask us that.   God says My yoke is easy and burden is light.    O’ how light i am finding it to be.   i never want to take off His yoke.  Please Father do not let me return to my old ways.

i have heard that God is all about relationships.  Hearing this from someone i disliked at the time.  i did not receive it to heart.  Now i am seeing how God gave them this wisdom.   For when i am in the middle of  doing something and someone comes to me i hear God say ” is what you’re doing important to my Kingdom, or would listening and showing Love to this person be?”   Just yesterday my hubby came home wanted to set up my  new I phone.  i was so into blogging, i was rude and said i am doing this i’ll get to it later.   i  felt God say ” He is my child and showing love and attention is so much more important, than you getting your post out”.   Thank You Father for the Spirit that dwells within that had me stop and go apologize to my roommate and listen to him.

My case in point.  i felt lead to call and Thank Mildred the woman i saw yesterday.  Till i got back on to this post i folded laundry, pulled weeds, scooped poop, and took the trash to the corner.   Resting definitely produces more work than labor/ burden.

Mildred was out pulling weeds.  i told her i asked God one day  when did i start enjoying pulling weeds?  That God uses the weeds to show me.  Just like, if you’re in the garden everyday weeds aren’t to bad.  When you let days and weeks go by the weeds get out of hand.  So too is His word.  For when we are in it daily life becomes easier, versus just being in it once a week or less.   She shared a story of how she saw a weed and said it’s not my job to pull it, let someone else do it.  Well that didn’t happen so she finally pulled it herself.  By then the weed had taken such deep root she fell on her but trying to pull it out.   Address the issue while it is fresh, while the root has not set deep in.   ” do let bitterness take root” said the Lord.   Sorry God is multi fold so there were two lessons in that one.

Father may Your Word come down like the rain to water the seed and produce a great harvest for Your KINGDOM.

God heard my prayer because on the way to the mail box i started talking with my neighbor of 6 years.  Who i never really spoke to before, she thinks my cats are a nuisance.  We had the most loveliest of talks.  She shared how she too thinks she should do a laundry list in a day.  She said she will try tomorrow starting her day off resting in all the beauty God has Blessed her with.  For she has in my opinion the nicest house in the neighborhood.   It is has a stream in the back, porch, and all  the birds and ducks flock to her.  God even Blessed me for i love Blue Jays and there are two living in her tree i never knew about. (right across the street go figure)   We hugged good-bye and Blesssed each other.  To those that pray.  Please pray that the Lord will give favor that the Beautiful wisteria vine she has had for 7 years that has never bloomed.  Thank you Father You are Faithful.

Thank you God for ALL YOUR BLESSINGS.100_9494


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