Encouragement from roomate

God so used my hubby to encourage me just now.    i stood there listening to my husband confirm all that he had been hearing.

God is so good to me.   While i am focusing on  satan attacking our marriage.  God is saying “stop doing that.  I will answer your prayer.  Have your marriage Glorify Me, minister to others, hope”.

My roomate came home and asked if i read the post i sent him?   i said “yes that is why i sent it.   A DEVOTED LIFE   (blog), post title “marriage of the control impaired” June 7th.   Thank you  JD Bolm  for your post brought life to us both.    It  is worth the read.

So here we are talking about all this tension between us, only there to serve God’s purpose to transform us.   This is what i have been confessing with my heart.  That God is using that which  satan is trying to divide .  Yet not believing, for the evidence seemed contrary.   God in His infinite Wisdom showed me.  Don’t give up, Trust I will, not your time Mine.     (iron sharpens iron,  husband sharpens wife visa versa)

Wow God is good.  Forgive me father for grumbling, complaining, and wanting things my way.  Thank You for forgiving, encouraging me, and protecting our marriage.  ” I believe help my unbelief”   it is Written and i now understand it.

May all who read find hope in relationships that seem to be going south.   May they know You God have this too under Your Control.

Isaiah 55:10-11


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