Abortion guilty

Father may this post bring Honor to You.  Weather people think You need it or not.

Today at church we had someone share who isn’t our every Sunday pastor.   He spoke so to my heart.  Convicted me of my sin of judgment.  Comforted me with God’s word Psalm 27.   He encouraged me to be who God created me to be.   Do not fit into others mold of you,  or their mode of doing things.   He also talked about someone famous in the “Christian” circles.   This is what i want to share.

Father strengthen me to share this.  Be Glorified.

The Christian he was talking about was James Robinson.  Have your opinion all you want about him, i did.       Just Remember God Judges in the end.

Well lets call guest speaker Jimmy.    Jimmy goes on to say that  James’ mother had him at age 40.  She was raped.  She sought out godly people to raise her son.  He was adopted and later trained by Billy Graham.  James is said to have led 10’s of thousands to the Lord.  Has a T.V show that i believe has brought me healing as well.   See how God uses our judgments of people.   i  judged him and God used him to heal me.   Forgive me Lord.

Well with all this back ground said.  i can’t help to hear my best friend saying ” she is not for abortion but believes it is necessary sometimes” and always uses rape as her best defense.   i do not agree with this opinion.   i am totally against it.   i have no right to feel this way i think,   for at 16 i had one.    i never thought i would.  But circumstances lead me to believe i would be all alone to fend for myself.   Not knowing God like i do now.  i made the choice, without knowing how He could turn muck into roses.  i have no children to this day.  i believe that is a result of that choice i made many, many years ago.   This too i feel disqualifies me from having an opinion, on the subject of abortion.    Yet i do have one.

Today only proved to me that rape is not a reason to abort.   We did not form the child in our womb.  God did.  He CAN AND DOES  take our worst circumstances and turns it for good.    Please don’t get me wrong.   i am NOT JUDGING anyone who has had an abortion.   That my darlings is NOT MY JOB!    all i am saying is there is Hope, and Restoration in the Name of JESUS.  That i pray if this were to ever happen to me.   i would have the baby and pray they bring Honor to God.  Seeking God to comfort me in my pain.

i am human make MANY MISTAKES.  so i am not judging whether or not you   are  able to do this….(Go to God) .   That’s your choice and walk with Him.   God will Love you anyway.   i just have an opinion that there is no reason to have an abortion  NONE.

i know  a  couple that were told their baby would be still-born.   Told by doc to abort.  They didn’t and there is now an orphanage/ medical clinic in Africa named after the girl who never took her first breath.

God has a plan for every life He forms.  who am i to rob God of His plan?

This my dear is where i signed up for a retreat for healing over abortions.   Ministry is called Deeper Still.   This October i will head out for three days, of healing that place in my heart that can not forgive me for what i did.    See i thought i was numb to it.  i never got attached, for the baby died 7 weeks into it.   i wouldn’t at the time allow myself to enjoy.  For i knew the choice i had to make, and why be joyful over that which you will lose.   Well here it is, X amount of years later and i know God has forgiven me.  But somewhere inside i can’t.    God said “Judge not lest you be judged by the same measure you judge with”.   That forgiveness extends to oneself.   So long as i don’t forgive me, God can’t.   Because it says i know better than God,  His blood wasn’t enough for me.  His plan of redemption is null and void.   i do not want to say that, or  Think that.  So God led me to Deeper Still.   So now i must face that thing of the past.  No more hiding from it.

Wow this went, Lord only knows where.  i was so careful not to offend those with such tragic circumstances that i felt led to share my story.  All the time praying it will bring others healing.  Or lead them to it.

so to my friend and those that are pro-choice.  Trust me.   It ain’t no choice you want others, to have to make.    Meaning if never given the choice.  Then they never have to carry that Guilt THEY WILL CARRY WITH THEM.   Lets offer support to the women and men who  think they are on their own.  Adoption, medical help, whatever it takes.  Cost less to help in this way, then it does to kill 60 million+ babies a year.   Hey let’s try Gods method.  No Sex before marriage.      i thought that one wouldn’t fly to well.  i can hear the responses now.

if anyone is seeking healing in the area of abortion having one or assisting in one.  www.godeeperstill.org  it is a free retreat.

Father be Glorified.


One thought on “Abortion guilty

  1. thats my best friend. God is so using her to show me my judgment. i thought she would not receive this post to well. What does she say? Well done best i have ever written that she has read. go figure 25+ years of friendship and i am still learning and loving her more.

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