what God wants

not sure what to call this post
my friend called me back and we had the most beautiful conversation. i pray all conversations are as Glorifying to God if not more.
She called to tell me the word she was given. (the one i mentioned last post)

“If you understood how much I Love you, you would relax and let me be your King”

We humans have problems with submission. Replace submission with relax. If we relaxed, knowing our King Loves us and has it covered. We would more than gladly submit to All He calls us for.

Yet look at the Israelite’s they had manna from heaven, water from rock, one on one conversations, ear hearing words from God. No guessing just listening. Yet they feared God (not righteously). Didn’t want Him to talk to them. “Send Moses” they said. They hide in fear of their sin. God called them out of it. In Fellowship with Him. They couldn’t bear to hear from Him. They choose sin over God. Yet He still calls. He even Cleared the way to Him.(JESUS)

i am saying Run to Him in it (sin). While hitting the pipe, while committing adultery, while the day is hectic,……….God knows it all saw it all before you were born. Just run to Him. Only He can fix what ales us anyway.
If we rested in His love for us we would know He is our King. He will not call us to suffer in vain. The enemy HAS BEEN DEFEATED. (that includes the loud mower in the background)
God will take all our junk and use it to Glorify His Holy Name.

i just heard how a woman’s husband came to know Jesus, High on pot. That didn’t stop him from doing it, at the time (years ago). Yet years later he just came back from India serving the lord, being His hands and feet to bring physical healing.
That’s what i am talking about. Come as we are, and God will not only change it but use it to bring Glory to His Holy name.
gotta go.
Father may all who read know the Love You have for them. May they seek you always, everywhere, and see You in everything.


3 thoughts on “what God wants

  1. I’m so thankful we have a Father who invites us to “be still,” instead of do more, try harder to please Him.

    Your posts are a delight to read. May the Lord give you a great harvest for your labors of love!

    Your sister in Christ,
    Praise Jesus!

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