i need to rest in Him

100_8547There’s my girl patches my favorite cat. (shhh don’t tell the others) She is resting at my feet. God’s way of telling me rest (my name). i seem to be going in and out of His presence. i see the enemy trying to attack. i seek God for clear vision on situation. i see that all i am doing is to be unto the Lord. Not for my acknowledgement but His Glory. This helps attacks from satan seem so small.

Yet i have been asking for strong faith. Doesn’t this come with a price? The greater the attack the Greater the Glory God gets. If i can not handle the small attacks, satan throws my way. How can i handle the big arrows? When your (said by others)spouse is sitting there watching you struggle and does not help. This is from the Lord. He wants you to rest in Him. Seek Him for help. Strength to Love your spouse when satan is trying to make them out to be the enemy. i am honored to serve God no matter how He calls me to serve.

He is so kind though. He always directs your attention to the Beauty He provides. Like the cat resting at my feet. To remind me that if a cat doesn’t have to worry surly His child does not either.
God is showing me how i use to run on self and my views of the world.

Now He is taking me to Seeking His View of the situation at hand. i believe this is to prepare me for greater attacks and works unto His Name. If i seek to die for His Name Sake, then the little things of this world better not affect me so much. They Will get the best of me. If i try to fix them, analyze them, control them.
i am finding that the problems of this world is just what i need to go to God. For when life is smooth sailing i can drift away from Him. (and in hard times when i try to fix) God is showing me to see the smooth sailing times as reprieves and soak in His Beauty and Blessings. This strengthens me for next go around.

i pray this example helps someone i am outside it is beautiful. i have honeysuckle in full bloom. There is shade, cigs, coffee, and the cats are all ok, so is roommate. Yet satan wants me to see my roommate as avoiding me. Why? so i will not look at God’s provision, protection, and Beauty. he wants me to long for something that is not for now. Right now God wants me to hang with Him. And He wants roommate to rest. So i will Praise God, for this beautiful day and be glad that i can have time alone with God. Without having to do errands, or dote on my hubby. That time came and went, without satan getting the best of me.
i pray this speaks to someone. See i am a very affectionate person and love romance. My hubby thinks that is only in the movies. i have been Blessed to know it is not (movies counterfeit God). So satan tries to get me to want that 24/7. That is not how it works. Sometimes you never get it. So i say to satan “God doesn’t want that for me right now. He knows Best. He will give me more than i dare ask for if i praise Him without seeing/feeling”.

Side note look forward to the day we don’t need noisy lawn equipment to keep garden looking nice. Now i know why i wanted a lot of land. But God has me looking at Him through the noise. Praise Him He is Worthy.

i so want to got to N.Y right now alone. So Father if it be Your will let me go Protected and Ready to Serve you if You ask me. Please give financial provision as well. Thank You You are Faithful.
Father may all who read Know You Love them with an EVER LASTING LOVE. BE GLORIFIED and may anything misleading be made clear through Your Spirit. No one can know the heart, Only God knows our hearts so i must keep  this in mind: is not about me, but who i may possibly affect. i never want to lead others astray only to THE FATHER. never to bring shame upon His Holy Name.


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