i know only 1 Truth

Father i just heard John 9:40 and ask that i never want to think i know anything. i always want to seek what God has to say in the matter. Give God the Final and Only Authority. i do not want to believe i know anything other than the Blood of Jesus that Saves and Restores me to The Father through Power of Holy Spirit. That i want to take to prison and back. That Truth i want to die in defending. All other i leave to God to reveal as Truth or not. Father forgive me for the times is called false truth Your Truth.

You will know them by their fruit. Theirs or Holy Spirits? i only claim flesh fruit. For with out the Holy Spirit, i am but filthy rags.

Father i am fighting against bearing Your Fruit and wanting others to see me as distributor. Humble me Lord. All Glory and Honor are Yours. You could use anyone to speak. Be Your Hands and Feet. i want to always be humble and honored that You know my name. i want to show that gratitude by leading others to You. Bearing Your Fruit, so You get Glory. My flesh is weak and see’s only it. Help me Father, empower me to resist, give me endurance to fight the Good fight.

i don’t know if i should complete the schooling i started. i do not feel lead yet pressured from those that say move with the Spirit. Well the Spirit isn’t moving me to finish.

Sorry people, this issue has been on the table for months now. i thought it was over and 3 weeks later it shows up again. i am struggling because i don’t know if i should wait till Spirit moves me to finish (school)or just do it to get others off my back?
As soon as this question came up, i asked God what is this about? Am i, to follow You and finish or follow You and not? i can see it going either way. i am praying that as i type He will confirm which way to go. i am getting that when a school sets a curriculum that it is to be followed to the letter. (Kind of like Gods law). You wouldn’t want your doctor to have only read books he wanted to. But we can’t follow everything to the letter can we? so i say: i am being honest and saying, i can’t promise when i will finish. so i am opting out of making commitment to date. The other side of fence is, complete that which you formally committed to. ok but can’t promise when i’ll finish, why isn’t this good enough? Maybe i am to read the books and see if God doesn’t want to show me something. Then everyone is happy. (well i’m not about reading 6 books).
Father may what i struggle with bring Glory to Your Holy Name. May i Always seek Your Counsel and Glory


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