God is Moving

i feel God is doing as He said to me. Reading the Harvest. i’m hearing more and more how people are seeking God and hearing from Him. This is a beautiful thing. My roommate just told me he woke up in the middle of the night with the biggest smile on his face and the feeling of Peace beyond human measure, or description. i am hearing God tell me how my prayers were heard, and answered. Another woman i know had a dream of a sunomie (that earthquake thing that causes water to tidal wave). She didn’t see it as such but i believe that it is a prophetic dream of what is to come. i am hearing of more and more people asking for God’s manifestations of Healing. As well of hearing of them happening around the globe.

Father be Glorified. Father Thank You for this beautiful night. Your romancing coming from the calls of the birds is music to my ears. Somewhere there is a verse that talks about all creation singing. And how/when God is singing over joy for us.
i just started hearing the bird song’s as God romancing me. Now i am starting to hear His Joy over me. A sinner, the least of these. Joy for me. Joy to see, hear from me His lowly servant. That is the part i think we all have trouble with. If we can get our finite brains around there being a God Creator of all that is seen and unseen. Then to think He wants to spend time with us is too unthinkable. But He does. When we are happy, sad, angry, rebelling, judgmental, unforgiving, joyful, you name it. He wants to share all of it with us. That is why He created us, to Fellowship with. Not that He needs it. It is for our pleasure. Us measly us. God wants to talk to us. How Cool is that?!

so that is why He is taking me deeper with song. To show that His love goes beyond just wanting to fellowship to having a jealous Love for us. “I am my Beloved and my Beloved is Mine.” Ah that’s Song of Solomon
That’s a theme that has been coming up lately. God gave a word to a woman at my church. here goes
“if you knew how much I loved you, you would rest in my Kingdom” Something like that waiting on confirmation from woman.

Isn’t it about Love. We Humbly receive from God. This is what i think those authors meant. When they said better to be dead and not born. For once we are created we have no choice but to accept, and bow down to Our Lord. Never to comprehend the depth of Love He has for us.. So to not have been called by name into existence means you do not have to humble yourself to Receive from Him. i could be way off base there.
Father reveal All that is not of You. Thank You Father Bless all that read.


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