Lord use me

i prayed Father Show me who You want me to say something to, or do something for. Jesus show Yourself to me.
The last night of the cruise i didn’t want to go to sleep so i stayed up all night. i felt like i hadn’t spent time with God enough. Which so isn’t true, for He sent me people after people who love the Lord.
i meet an amazing woman Dora who confirmed some things from the Lord. We sat and talked of God’s Goodness. Bless her Bless her Lord.
i ran out of cigarettes and went back to my room for another pack. As i was coming around the corner a group of kids (maybe 20’s) were sitting on the floor.
The one boy said: watch out there are people down there having sex.
The one girl looked at him like what are you saying?
As i preceded past them the one guy says “watch out you may join them”.
i said: that won’t happen i am a married woman
as i approached the couple i just looked into her brown eyes and said: you know better
she said: who are you?
i said: you know better
He said: she knows what?
i said: She knows what i am talking about, she knows better
when i came back that way i looked her in the eye’s again and asked
How long have you known him?
she said: i know him
i said: i didn’t ask you that, i asked how long have you known Him?
he said: she is my girlfriend
i said: i am sure she is but i didn’t ask you. i asked her, how long have you known him?
she said: i know him, who are you?
as i pasted the original crowd on the floor. i looked the three girls in the eye and said “if you care about that girl you won’t let her have sex with that boy”.
the one girl said “i don’t know her, i just meet her tonight”.
the other boy said “we can’t stop them”.
i said: if it is within your power to stop them
the one boy said “what power? we don’t have power
i thought to myself (entering elevator) you have power with God
as i was making my way up to the only smoking area on ship, i kept hearing “Who are you”?
“Seek and you shall find” came to my mind. i then prayed if that was You Jesus make Yourself known to her.
No sooner did i arrive, and grab an ashtray to smoke. That i saw the three girls and one boy who first spoke. They were yelling “She didn’t have sex with him”
as i approached them they said: she didn’t have sex with him. she went in her room and locked the door behind her
That is the answered prayer i was talking about in last post.
as i was writing this one God showed me some more. Like while i grumbled that you can only smoke in one location. That is what let them know how to find me. That while God does not approve of my smoking He WILL Use it to bring Glory to His Holy Name. He is showing me know how i did not judge or condemn that girl, only asked her one question. The Holy Spirit does the work. i see me as the hands and feet of Jesus that night.
i see how even without His written word by my side and what i consider God time He will be there. He will answer prayer. He so loves you.
That last 10 hours on that trip were amazing. i long to see God in action like that all the time. So i must seek and i will find.
Father may this post be Your will. May all who read it seek You as if looking for the billion dollar winning lottery ticket in their living room.


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