how we lose relationships

it use to be that i never noticed that i didn’t feel God close to me. Then it went to, i only felt Him away in winter. Now i know, that He is not away. i am just not paying attention to Him Who is present Always. i now go through my day asking how did i lose you Lord? Help me to seek you always. i find myself going in and out of His presence. He showed me satan will keep you busy. The cares of this world will take you out, as well as our laziness.
i always seem to relate relations with God with that of your 1st crush, the one you fell madly in-love with. How they consumed all our thoughts, time, and attention.
That is what i seek from God. It is written that is what God seeks from us.

Just like friendships sometimes drift away, and love relationships end. i do not want it to be that way God. i don’t want family and marriage to end our friendship, or job and distance. Anger, bitterness, shame, quilt, resentment. Anything that would take us away from those we love. Drugs, alcohol, adultery, any sin. We allow these things to come between not only our human relationships, but also ours with God.

i try to remember that God created the universe. Formed me in my mothers womb. He knew everything i would ever think, do, and say before i existed. Still He called me by name.
This helps me to not hide from Him. i couldn’t even if i wanted to, i tried several times. This helps me to come to Him no matter what i am doing. Just like you would a friend who knew all your secrets.

Wouldn’t you agree that we all want that one person who can be our everything? No matter what, they are there? Good times, bad times, worst times? Who knows everything about you, and loves you all the same?
Well i found that one. His is the Creator of the Universe all that is seen and unseen.

Lately i have felt that i have not been seeking God enough. Or doing enough around house. i believe He is going deeper with the performance orientation i have. He wants me to trust Him more. He will not let me go. He will answer my prayers to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.
i can’t explain it but God has been showing me answered prayer. Not like the kind we can tangibly see. The kind you would never know was heard by Him unless He showed you. This is leading me to another post.
Father may these words bring those to You, You called by name.


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